It’s 10am and you’re already wondering when this dreadful workday is going to wrap up so you can feel an ounce of relief and sanity again. The cubicle seems to be swallowing your passion for life and you want to break out of there like an inmate. You took the job because, quite frankly, it pays the bills.

Only now you find yourself day dreaming of working from home, long leisurely lunches and FREEDOM. You realize that your misery is not only affecting your work, but you’ve become pessimistic and you’re taking it out on the ones you love.Subscribe_Yellow

It’s time to press the refresh button. Sometimes the risk is worth the fear of the unknown that comes along with it.

Take out a pen and paper, write out what you enjoy about your current job…anything and everything. (Note: Nothing is too small for thankfulness.) This is a great start. You’ve made a shift from lack to appreciation.

Next, use your imagination and think of your ideal work situation. Where would you spend your days working? Who would you want to interact with on a daily basis? What talents and passions of yours would you be using and how would you be executing them? Write it all down.

Your next questions: What freedoms would you enjoy if this was your career? Would you travel more and create your own hours? Why is this important to you?

You may be teetering on happiness as you entertain all of the possibilities. Take a big deep breath. Freedom is calling your name and it wants you to take action.

BOTTOMS UP: Start implementing baby steps of the changes you wrote about above into your every day life. The more you do, you will experience inspiration to take the big leap and go after what you love.

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