For Your Sanity’s Sake

Yesterday I was digging through my overstuffed beach bag, searching past bite size carrots, towels, too many PB&J’s and a dirty diaper bag on a mission to find my phone.

The eclipse was right over my head and it hit me, “Holy cow, I haven’t looked for this damn phone in hours.” I gotta say, I was proud of myself. Which is both embarrassing and honest.

What an unforgettable day we had. Seeing that eclipse right over our heads, with our feet in the wet sand on our favorite beach in Charleston was my favorite day of 2017.

Rather than paint a picture with my words, here’s a shot my hubby took yesterday.

Mind blowing, right?

Now right before this moment. I was searching for my phone out of habit.

Because I’m so used to grabbing that bad boy whenever I want to snap a picture. BUT, I couldn’t. I was told, 1,000,00 times yesterday, “Don’t look directly at the sun, don’t use your phone.”

Which, I was actually relieved about. Don’t use my phone? “Hell YES!”

I happily put that sucker away.

Yet, how many times do I check my phone throughout the day? More than I’d like to admit.

How about you? My guess, is you, like most people, probably spend more time on your phone than you’d like to admit.

Guess what? You’re not alone.

I can’t help but wonder what the heck all of this technology is doing to not only our brains but our spirits. Have you noticed how often people are glued to their phones in restaurants, on subways, while they’re walking across the freakin’ street? I mean seriously, it’s nutty.

I recently read this article that shed a ton of light (and darkness) on the topic of phones, technology and how it effects our kiddo’s.

My take away, get outside, put the phones down, have set guidelines about technology (even with yourself) make more phone calls and less texts. Have more conversations with people! I know rocket science, huh?

Seriously, though. I have a rule for myself, no phone for an hour before I go to bed and the first hour after I waking up. I keep it in the bathroom and avoid it like the plague. It helps me feel way more calm and keeps me engaged with the craziness of our household in the morning. At night, I actually unwind, read a book and feel my brain shut down.

I highly recommend reading this article. Even if you don’t have kids, because I think the experiences that are mentioned here, apply to all of us. I would LOVE to hear you’re thoughts on this.

Please shoot me an email and let me know you’re take aways and perspective.

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All love & totality,


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