7 Ways To Set Up Your Day For Happiness & Success


Some days it’s easier than others to get our feel good mojo flowing.

Today, I have great news… I figured out a few secrets on how to consistently start my day feeling fantastic and set myself up for success (bonus, they don’t take a lot of time.)

I don’t know about you, but I used to start every morning off in a rush. A little stroke of anxiety and “Oh my gosh I’m going to be late.” would plague my thoughts and I would be moving a million miles a minute.

That got old real quick. I realized it was affecting my workflow, I was being short when I spoke to people and I ended up making decisions I wasn’t proud of simply because I was moving way too fast.

Maybe you can relate?

Insert the magic cure all, a morning routine.

Who would have thought just 15 minutes could make all the difference in the world?

This gem has been a total game changer for myself and so many people I know and work with. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate or long, just filled with intention, stillness, inspiration and quiet.

Carving out this time regularly in my own life, helped me shift gears from being super reactionary and ‘off to the races’ every morning; to feeling at ease and focused. I also noticed I am way more creative, productive and the bonus – I make decision from an intuitive place which always leads to goodness. Success is a much welcomed result of these changes.

Without further adieu here are 7 steps I use in my own life, that start my day off feeling inspired, connected and ready to roll.

As soon as you wake up, say this to yourself either silently or out loud, “Today’s an amazing day, I choose to focus on the positive and trust what comes my way.”

Take 5 minutes to write out what you appreciate, anything, it doesn’t matter how big or small. Also, write out why you appreciate it… ie. ”I appreciate working from home, I love being able to make my own hours, wear what I want to wear and do meaningful work in this world. It brings me great joy to spend my days this way.”

Meditate – I like to do “I am meditations” where I state what I am creating over and over, as I sit in a comfortable seat on the floor with my eyes closed for 10 to 20 minutes. Example “I am healthy, vibrant and abundant.” The key here, is to allow yourself to feel the way you feel while being vibrant, healthy and abundant, let your imagination guide you… it’s a powerful way to amp up your attraction. You’ll be amazed at what starts showing up in your life.

Read or listen to an inspiring book or speaker. Even if it’s in the car, on the subway or during your walk on your way to work. Listen to words that inspire you and uplift your spirit. This will help you entertain the possibilities that lie ahead, hopefully get your imagination going and help you take inspired action. So that you’re not just dreaming about what lights you up, you’re doing it!

Move your body in a way that feels good. Even if it’s 5 minutes of stretching, or a quick walk. This helps get your blood flowing and it’s a mood booster, which will often inspire new positive perspectives.

Focus on what you’re capable of and what you embody, rather than what you lack.

As you look at your list of to do’s or what you’ve set out to do that day, take action in baby steps and do what lights you up most, first. This will help you stay inspired to keep moving forward while realizing you have a lot of skill and value right now. (No need to go down lackville and think about what you can’t do, that’s just exhausting and counterproductive.)

Celebrate the positive happy moments. Give yourself a high five in the mirror, call a friend or family member and celebrate your joy. Because it’s contagious and whenever we celebrate life’s happy moments, we create more of them!

So there you have it, the magic steps that helped me and many others set their day up for success and happiness. I hope you create a routine that helps you feel alive, excited and ready to take on your day ahead.

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