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A Sneak Peak Into My New Years Ritual And How I’m Setting Goals For 2018

2017 was a year full of incredible highs and deep emotional lows, not just personally I feel like the world at large may have felt this way.

There’s been so many changes, lots of tragedy, plenty of miracles and a strong dose of challenge all wrapped up into 365 days.

Personally this led to enormous growth in my heart, mind and spirit. It was messy, at times heart breaking and ultimately led to more love, quality time with my family and deeper intimacy with those I adore most.

My business has grown, I’ve had the honor of working with so many incredible women around the globe and there’s more to come in the New Year.

Last night I was driving home, reflecting on how much fun I’d just had writing out my Vision for 2018. I approached it really differently this year and it felt more right, more on target for what my soul needs, than ever before. I was really listening.

I carved out hours of alone time to really sit with what my needs and wants are.

I got honest about what needs to come off my plate first, before even thinking about what I wanted to take on in the year ahead. A wave of calm excitement came over me and my heart was full of hope.

At that exact moment I looked up and saw this (pictured above). It took my breath away. This perfectly illustrated how I see 2018 unfolding, up and up and away. Time to sky rocket. No more holding back.

A clear, direct path on how to take precious care of myself and my family, while doing work I love. Pour more energy and passion into what matters most.

I know you know what I’m talkin’ about, Mama. Less doing just to stay busy and more soulful action.

I want to give you a behind the scenes look at how I approached my goal setting and vision for 2018.
The truth is, this is so much more than goal setting. This is about bring your whole self to the table and nurturing all of you, while going after what you want.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the writing out the things we think we ‘should want’ rather than owning what our soul is begging us for.

I’m not going to kid you, this took me a little longer than years past. I spent 21/2 hours writing, it was healing, cathartic and deeply inspiring. I’m not saying this has to take a long time, I simply had a lot to jot down. So here’s how I came up with my goals along with my Theme of 2018. I hope it’s helpful for you, Mama.

First things first, Review time.

In 2017

What didn’t work was…..
(***Think about how you treated yourself. how you felt in your mind, body, spirit. what lifestyle choices didn’t work. What was draining your spirit, rather than fueling it?
List Anything and everything you don’t want to repeat in the new year.)

What did work was…
(***Celebrate and appreciate the fabulous moments, experiences, the leaps you took, the surprises, the AHA’s, any changes, etc.)

In 2018

What are your top priorities?
(Think about what’s most important to you – ie. health, family, etc.)

What are your core values? (List 4 to 6 Core Values)
(What do you value most and need to have as an integral part of your daily life in order to feel authentically you? ie. Connection, Flexibility, Freedom, Generosity, Abundance, Success, Self Care, Family, Etc.)

How do you want to feel?
Write 4 to 6 words that embody how you want to feel most often ie. Joy, Freedom, Present, Love, Vibrant, Trust, etc.

Why do you want to feel that way?
Write out a description of why you want to feel that way next to each word. Get as detailed as you’d like.

What’s THE word?
Maybe it’s two words that represent who you want to BE in the New Year and WHY do you want to embody what those words mean to you?

Lastly, Write out 3 to 6 goals in each area. Think about how you want to feel, what you want to experience and WHY you want to experience each and every goal. Write it alllll out.


When we ask ourselves why we want something we get beneath the layers. We strip back the expectations of others and the habit of wanting something because we think we should. In short, we get closer to our soul. That’s where the answers are always waiting for us, with all kinds of excitement. Have fun with this, Mama and let me know how it goes.

Want to go deeper into the process and follow through with making those visions your reality? I have a few spaces available in my one on one coaching, email me and let’s make 2018 your most incredible year yet.

Peace out 2017.

All love to you and yours,


Boom. That’s it, Mama. Own those declarations

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