Ashley Cebulka’s passion for life is palpable. As a Certified Lifestyle Consultant, her mission is to help you to trust your intuition and empower yourself to listen to your desires so you can live a life you truly love.

Drinking Coffee Ash Cebulka

Having been a successful business owner for over a decade, she understands the mentality of multi passionate entrepreneurs. This risk taker fully believes that passion and fun are a must in all areas of life, while also being the most important source of inspiration.

After completing Abundant Yogi’s Lifestyle Design Coaching program, Ashley has created programs that inspire her clients with powerful and effective tools to rediscover their passions and purpose. While they create an abundant life that is fulfilling emotionally, spiritually and financially.

She is passionate about creating a worldwide community that supports and encourages one another’s vision so we can all thrive. During her sessions don’t be surprised if Ashley suggests gratitude meditations, affirmations, forgiveness, a date night, visualization exercises or even a dance party as your self-love prescription.

She believes that when we align our lives with trusting our inner guide, we return to our natural state of well being and allow for miracles to happen every single day.

She strikes a great balance of work and play, and has taken her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

She is undeniably meant for this work. Her enthusiasm alone can move mountains and she always finds a way to inspire and uplift her surroundings. She is that kind of woman that lights up the world. In her presence, you feel empowered, supported, hopeful, and inspired to take action.