Actually Live The Life You Dream In 2016

I want to share a little secret with you.

Goal setting used to give me anxiety. I would wonder why I didn’t already have ______ (a killer income, great job, fit body, etc.) Then focus on all the ways, I’d failed in life.

I would get myself all worked up about going after what I ‘should’ want rather than what felt more intuitive. Inevitably I would feel defeated and sad before I even started to go after accomplishments.

Eventually I realized something had to change, I had big dreams and wanted to live them right NOW, thank you very much.

I came up with a way that was a way better fit.

As you know, I coach people to help them create a life they love and here’s one of the insider secrets to making that happen.

Instead of approaching the new year with lot’s of should bombs and a whole lot of pressure; how about giving yourself full permission to have fun every step of the way?

Sound unrealistic? Well, not exactly.

Attempting to create what you want in life can be daunting – because we get so caught up in the destination we forget to fully engage in our life now. We get overly obsessed with the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. This is usually where people ‘give up’ and say, “My dreams don’t come true because there too unrealistic.”

But that’s not true… I know that you can live what you dream and here’s the key to making that happen.

Approach goals and your overall life in a way that’s purely based on feeling good. (Well being is our natural state, so why not think, speak and act in alignment with who you really are?)

Pleasure, joy, fun, excitement and yes even ease…this is where it’s at.

When I sit down to write my goals this year, and yes this means I haven’t done that yet. I’ve had a lot going on (moving, kitchen renovations, a 4 month old babe, to name a few and I am more than ok with that.)

Here’s how I’m going to approach it and I encourage you to give this a try, even if you’ve already written goals; maybe you can go back and look at them from this vantage point.

  1. How do I most want to feel this year?

(My answer – Luminous Joy, Freedom, Abundance, Elegant and Optimistic.)

Other examples – Excited, Passionate, Calm, Trusting, etc. (think of any words that fully represent how you want to consistently feel.)

  1. What are my values and why are the important to me? (A few of mine are the following)

Spending quality time with my family and friends.  – Relationships with my loved ones are the most important part of my life, so investing in quality time – great conversations, enjoying gorgeous meals together, going on adventures and supporting one another is what life’s all about. This fills my love tank right up.

Doing work that’s in alignment with my purpose and is truly meaningful. – When I spend my days doing work I’m passionate about, that excites me and stretches me beyond my self imposed limits; I know I am using my skill set along with my purpose in the best way possible.  I feel confident and inspired on a daily basis and love giving back. I know this is the best use of my time and energy and this is how I want to feel all the time while I am working.

Feeling extraordinary in my body – taking precious care of my mind, body and spirit. – When I take care of my body, with nutritious and delicious food and do workouts I genuinely enjoy, then I feel my best. I feel fully alive, sexy and confident. Then I can show up to life in a way I’m proud of, full of clarity and ease.

Staying committed to my creativity. – When I carve out time in my daily life to be creative, I feel more alive and genuinely excited about life. It breaks up the monotony, makes me think outside of the box and sparks a new passion. I usually learn quite a bit in the process, for instance with cooking, playing a new instrument, writing, etc.

OK. Now that I’m clear with how I want to feel and what I value, I will write out goals based on making these feelings and values come alive on a daily basis.

When I write out my dreams and desired accomplishments from this place, I feel so much more grounded, intuitive and anchored to the why. This is everything, because our WHY is what will keep us both motivated and inspired to go after what we want in life. It will keep our passions alive and urge us to keep creating. All the while, appreciating what we have right now.

Once I look at the big picture of what I want to create for 2016, I’ll break it down into monthly, weekly and then daily actions to live these experiences, now.

BAM, there you have it.

A few insider secrets to living a life you love.

Now, I want to hear from you. If you approach goals in this way or if you decided to give a try; let me know how it goes.

Here’s to living our dreams out loud,

With love,



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