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Are You Showing Up?

You know those people who can make you laugh hysterically and move you to tears in the matter of minutes? The ones that have a way of touching your heart and awakening what truly matters to you.

They’re a rare breed aren’t they?

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Kenney this weekend. While listening to this brilliant, hilarious and utterly inspiring woman speak, I sat in awe.

“Holy SHIT, this woman was born to do this.” I thought to myself, as she spoke on stage with her thick Boston accent.

Karen has been a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles for 23 years. She’s Marianne Williamson’s ‘spiritual’ daughter and so much more.

She openly shared the story of her mother being murdered when she was just 12 years old. She went on to tell us how eventually her pain and suffering led to her discovery of A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, then A Course in Miracles.

Those books along with working and living with Marianne Williamson, changed her life.

Her story, was not one of life being easy. She was handed a lot of shit sandwiches, but in studying A Course In Miracles she remembered who she really was and how to be a host for love, rather than a hostage to the ego.

This woman had us laughing hysterically and move to tears all in the matter of minutes.

As a teacher of A Course in Miracles, she reminded us of the importance of leading with love. That we are either in a place of giving love, or asking for love.

At one point, she said – “This being human thing is like the fucking forgiveness olympics.” I laughed so hard I was crying, cause it’s true.  

We’ve got to forgive others and most importantly ourselves over and over and over and over again, to return to who we really are, loving human beings.

We’ve also gotta forgive, so we can stop letting fear keep us from showing up and using our purpose to make an impact.

We’re here to touch lives, to give back, to make a meaningful, positive difference in the world.

Staying small doesn’t serve anyone, especially not you.

We’ve got to book the ticket, get on the plane, hire the coach, reach past our self imposed limits, stretch past our comfort zone to actually realize our dreams.

It doesn’t happen from just thinking about it, Mama. I was reminded of that over this past weekend, at the Ignite Your Soul Summit.

All the speakers, I listened to – Lori Harder, Chris Harder, Amber Lilyestrom, Karen Kenney, Jessica Todd, Meg Haines- every single one of them was nervous.

Some of these people have been on stage in front of hundreds, even thousands of people more times than we can count and they were STILL nervous. They were vulnerable enough to speak of their fears. They told us about their dark nights of the soul.

How they lost everything, were totally broke, overcame eating disorders, overcame sexual abuse, the challenges of starting a business with a baby at home and so much more.

The kicker is, they didn’t let their stories make them a victim of their lives. They decided to rise to the occasion. To heal, to grow, to move past their old stories and create a new one.

It was one decision at a time and what each of them has created is nothing short of magnificent.

You have the same abilities inside you.

These people on stage, have the same fears as me and you. They have the voice inside telling them all reasons it won’t work. How stupid they’re gonna look. They just don’t let that voice stop them. They got on stage anyway.

They showed up for themselves and for us.

And you know what happened?  They touched the hearts of hundreds of women in that audience. Their ability to feel the fear and do it anyway, inspired all of us to do the same.

To remember that where we are in our relationships, work, health, finances, is not WHO we are.

One of the most brilliant things I heard all weekend,

“Your why is what you weep for.”


We’re the ones that have the opportunity to take the leaps of faith. To change our mindset. Upgrade our beliefs, most importantly our belief in ourselves.

So, Mama, Incase you needed a little love tap, to remind you that you’re capable of creating, doing and being whatever you desire in this world, this it. (tap, tap)

Now, I recently took a risk just like the ones I spoke of above. I wrote a piece for Mind Body Green about my experience with Postpartum anxiety. I was scared shitless to share this story.

It felt so raw and vulnerable. Yet, now being on the other side of postpartum anxiety,  I wish I would have heard from more mothers about their experience and how they moved through it. Quite frankly, it feels super lonely. So I took the risk and here it is. Click on the link below.

PS. I have a fun secret project coming soon. I’ve been working on this baby behind the scenes for years. Keep your eyes peeled!!!!!

All Love,


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