Speaking Of Tricks

Happy Halloween!

I’m just going to jump straight to the point.

It seems like everyone I talk to lately, has a lot on their plate and overwhelm is becoming a norm in their lives. I’ll say, I’ve been experiencing it as well.

I recently heard someone say, “When life gets challenging, and you’re questioning everything; it’s testing you to see if you really want what you think you want.”

While I understand that train of thought, I don’t agree.

This is a perfect example of ways our mind plays tricks on us.

Life, isn’t a test, ever. We’re not getting graded for our performance at the end of each day. Our thoughts and actions aren’t being constantly judged by God, the Universe, Source, whatever you’d like to call our higher being.

Entertaining this idea of being tested, is the ego’s way of trying to throw down a major victim party. It’s asking you to chug a couple of doubt cocktails, get nice and wasted and then asking you to see clearly.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Instead, when life’s a bit challenging, I like to look at it as an invitation.

To what?

An invitation to get real, honest and vulnerable.

To slow down and listen to what we need and how to go about taking care of those needs.

To be radical about self care, making it a regular, daily priority, so we can listen to our intuition more than ever. From there, lean in gently to trust, let it wrap it’s loving arms around you and allow yourself receive the support.

As you feel that trust, notice all the ways you are, truly supported by life…

See how beautifully drastic those perspectives are?

One feels challenging, hopeless and like there needs to be so much effort and proving involved in order to be happy. The invitation, is gentle, loving and full of hope. It reminds us that we always have a choice in any given moment in life, it’s all about perspective.

Here’s to the power of our choices!!!!

With only love,


Ladies, What Does This Mean To You?

It’s Question Time!

Times are changing and in this day and age we’re reading a lot about how,
“Women CAN Have It All”.

Yet If I were to put a big guess out there, “having it all” has different meaning for each individual.

Lot’s of times women find themselves comparing their lives to the examples they see in the media of what “Having It ALL” means to a Woman with a BIG career, kids and marriage.

In my coaching biz and in life in general, I see and hear women putting a ton of pressure on themselves to get it all done, so they can have it all.

Often times they are attempting to have a killer career, be an amazing wife/lover and mom, have a great body, be a fabulous friend and relative; oh and somewhere in there find time for themselves.

Which usually leads to EXHAUSTION.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of helping hundreds of women across the world Create A Life They Love, on their own terms. Ironically it’s usually quite different from the way society defines it.

Which leads to my questions. Click on this link below to answer…


I’m already doing a happy dance over here awaiting your answers.

With love,


How To Break Negative Self Talk Habits →

I was recently interviewed by the lovely, Margaret Ulrich and I spilled the beans about how I got off the track of self loathing and onto self loving.. read on to hear the juicy details.


I Dropped This Type-A Habit, and You Should Too

BY  ON MARCH 13, 2016

I’ve been labeled a go-getter and overachiever since forever — I’m still in denial about the dreaded “perfectionist” label. But because of my “success,” people didn’t see the damage I did to myself in order to achieve it. Getting straight As and then working two or more jobs wasn’t enough for myself. I had this idea in my head that I needed to do more, be more. It wasn’t body shaming for me: It was life shaming, and I realized that was just as damaging.

When I started a path towards learning how to love myself, life coach, motivational speaker and writer Ash Cebulka unknowingly came along for the ride. Ash has been prescribing me — along with her 3K Instagram followers — antidotes to a lifetime habit of self-destructive internal dialogue.

Ashley 1

Ash tells us that, “the more focus and energy we put towards something, the more evidence we will see of it being true. Unfortunately, we can use our energy to focus on what we believe we’re NOT, rather than who we really are, which can lead to a lot of self-deprecating behaviors.” Her own personal journey is what made her first start to realize this, and what prompted her to begin writing her appreciated “Self Love Prescriptions.”


She told us, “I love writing self-love prescriptions for people. I created them for myself when I was highly critical and having a tough time in my life. I realized my obstacles were completely self-imposed. So I created daily reminders to keep me on track with remembering that the relationship I have with myself is the most important one I have.”

Ash continues, “When I can love and appreciate myself, that will extend outwards in all areas of my life.” She shared five of her biggest secrets with us when it comes to kicking this habit and living your most fulfilling life.



“When you find yourself thinking a negative, self critical thought, envision a stop sign. You will notice it physically doesn’t feel good to entertain these thoughts, so tell yourself STOP, then redirect to a positive thought.”

Like every bad habit, replacing it with something positive makes it that much easier to break. Beating yourself up about beating yourself up is, obviously, not solving much. So take a deep breath, STOP and give yourself some TLC instead.

Instead of thinking, “I shouldn’t have eaten that. I feel like crap, now I need to go to the gym for an hour to burn off this junk food,” try this: “I am ready to feel good in my body. I am going to take a walk and enjoy how great I feel when I take care of myself.”



“If there’s a certain topic that sets you off, make sure you pay attention to the way you speak to yourself regarding it. Recognize where you can tell yourself a more loving and supportive story, using the words ‘I Am.’”

She says that people tend to get caught up in a perfection obsession — the perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect body. We miss out on what’s actually in front of us; we overlook all of the accomplishments that we’re actually making every day.

Instead of dwelling and thinking, “I am so bad at handling my finances; I really should be better at it,” try: “I am proud of myself for learning more about my finances, and I am proud of my new choices.” Notice how you’re creating momentum in the direction you want to go, rather than dwelling on the past.



“You’re not being graded at the end of each day. Show up, be kind to yourself, love yourself through the growth, know some days are easier than others. Forgive yourself and others when you’re having a tough time letting go, and watch how quickly you’re able to see new perspectives.”

This one is huge and something everyone can practice. We tend to give our love and support generously to those around us, yet when it comes time to showering ourselves with that, we end up doing the opposite.



“It can be easy as adults to get stuck in the monotony of life. When we remember to make joy a focal point in our life, we naturally let go of our critical self-talk, because quite frankly, there’s no room for it. When you’re having fun, rarely do you want to critique your way through it.”

Getting rid of cynicism and fear is just one benefit of allowing joy into your life. Using the techniques to stop and rewrite your internal dialogue, you can start to carve some space for more joy-filled opportunities.



“Being lighthearted with yourself will certainly make life more fun. When you don’t take yourself too seriously, you can laugh off — probably — at least half of the things you would have made major drama, and quite frankly, created more work for yourself.”

We all know that laughter is the best medicine, so prescribing yourself a bit more of it can make even the most stressful situations more manageable. Even just smiling will tell your brain to be more positive, so you’ll feel more inclined to be kind to yourself. Because you deserve that kindness. Trust us.


Full article can be found here… https://www.brit.co/breaking-negative-self-talk-habits/

Actually Live The Life You Dream In 2016

I want to share a little secret with you.

Goal setting used to give me anxiety. I would wonder why I didn’t already have ______ (a killer income, great job, fit body, etc.) Then focus on all the ways, I’d failed in life.

I would get myself all worked up about going after what I ‘should’ want rather than what felt more intuitive. Inevitably I would feel defeated and sad before I even started to go after accomplishments.

Eventually I realized something had to change, I had big dreams and wanted to live them right NOW, thank you very much.

I came up with a way that was a way better fit.

As you know, I coach people to help them create a life they love and here’s one of the insider secrets to making that happen.

Instead of approaching the new year with lot’s of should bombs and a whole lot of pressure; how about giving yourself full permission to have fun every step of the way?

Sound unrealistic? Well, not exactly.

Attempting to create what you want in life can be daunting – because we get so caught up in the destination we forget to fully engage in our life now. We get overly obsessed with the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. This is usually where people ‘give up’ and say, “My dreams don’t come true because there too unrealistic.”

But that’s not true… I know that you can live what you dream and here’s the key to making that happen.

Approach goals and your overall life in a way that’s purely based on feeling good. (Well being is our natural state, so why not think, speak and act in alignment with who you really are?)

Pleasure, joy, fun, excitement and yes even ease…this is where it’s at.

When I sit down to write my goals this year, and yes this means I haven’t done that yet. I’ve had a lot going on (moving, kitchen renovations, a 4 month old babe, to name a few and I am more than ok with that.)

Here’s how I’m going to approach it and I encourage you to give this a try, even if you’ve already written goals; maybe you can go back and look at them from this vantage point.

  1. How do I most want to feel this year?

(My answer – Luminous Joy, Freedom, Abundance, Elegant and Optimistic.)

Other examples – Excited, Passionate, Calm, Trusting, etc. (think of any words that fully represent how you want to consistently feel.)

  1. What are my values and why are the important to me? (A few of mine are the following)

Spending quality time with my family and friends.  – Relationships with my loved ones are the most important part of my life, so investing in quality time – great conversations, enjoying gorgeous meals together, going on adventures and supporting one another is what life’s all about. This fills my love tank right up.

Doing work that’s in alignment with my purpose and is truly meaningful. – When I spend my days doing work I’m passionate about, that excites me and stretches me beyond my self imposed limits; I know I am using my skill set along with my purpose in the best way possible.  I feel confident and inspired on a daily basis and love giving back. I know this is the best use of my time and energy and this is how I want to feel all the time while I am working.

Feeling extraordinary in my body – taking precious care of my mind, body and spirit. – When I take care of my body, with nutritious and delicious food and do workouts I genuinely enjoy, then I feel my best. I feel fully alive, sexy and confident. Then I can show up to life in a way I’m proud of, full of clarity and ease.

Staying committed to my creativity. – When I carve out time in my daily life to be creative, I feel more alive and genuinely excited about life. It breaks up the monotony, makes me think outside of the box and sparks a new passion. I usually learn quite a bit in the process, for instance with cooking, playing a new instrument, writing, etc.

OK. Now that I’m clear with how I want to feel and what I value, I will write out goals based on making these feelings and values come alive on a daily basis.

When I write out my dreams and desired accomplishments from this place, I feel so much more grounded, intuitive and anchored to the why. This is everything, because our WHY is what will keep us both motivated and inspired to go after what we want in life. It will keep our passions alive and urge us to keep creating. All the while, appreciating what we have right now.

Once I look at the big picture of what I want to create for 2016, I’ll break it down into monthly, weekly and then daily actions to live these experiences, now.

BAM, there you have it.

A few insider secrets to living a life you love.

Now, I want to hear from you. If you approach goals in this way or if you decided to give a try; let me know how it goes.

Here’s to living our dreams out loud,

With love,



A Little Love Goes A Long Way

Well Hello There,

Is it just me or does it seem like this year, especially, went by CRAZY fast?

I want share with you one of my favorite practices that only happens once a year and no, it’s not goal setting. While I am all about getting clear with your desires and declaring your vision for the future. I think it’s helpful to take pause, reflect on the past and say thank you.

It’s pretty intimate and I love it.  


Dearest 2015,

You officially rocked my world..

Thank you for allowing dreams to come true that I’ve dreamt since I was a little itty bitty girl.

I can remember when I used to ask my parents, daily, to make me a little girl so I could have a sister, as I carried around my little doll. I bet they laughed at first, yet after three years of hearing that every day; I’m pretty sure they were over it!

Now, instead of having a sister in my family all of those years ago, the bonds with my chosen sisters have grown deeper over the past year. I learned a lot about compassion and gentle honesty. I’ve come to understand how important these acts are, while witnessing someone you love go through big life changes. And let me tell you, we’ve gone through alot together; divorce, pregnancy, marriage, birth and career changes, yes, all in one year.

As each of us navigate our way through life, we know that we have one another to lean on and that has been heartwarming and priceless to say the least. These women are such an instrumental part of my life and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you for allowing my biggest dream- to have a Happy, Healthy, Vibrant, Family – coming true on an even larger scale.

My healthy (and actually pretty fun – thank god) pregnancy along with the birth of our sweet little girl has left me speechless. I’m in a constant state of awe and wonder since Siena has entered into the world.

At the same time, BIG Thanks for taking my appreciation for all women to a whole new level since giving birth. Childbirth is NO JOKE and I bow to women all over the world (whether you have children or not) for what you are capable of. So many of you make nurturing, parenting and loving look so effortless.

Thank you, for giving me the time I wanted and needed to spend with our daughter in the first 4 months of her life. We found our unique rhythms as mother and daughter. It took a little while and man am I glad we have the hang of it. Oh, and her smile.. I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough for that smile that makes my heart melt into a puddle of love.

Thank you for deepening the love for my husband, even after I thought I couldn’t possibly love him more. Watching him as a father makes me smile endlessly.  Thank you for giving us both the time and space to grow the way we needed to as individuals as we experienced so many changes in our lives.

I’m thankful we’ve taken time to rediscover one another, to learn who we are now as parents, lovers and best friends, I now realize this is just the beginning. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always easy and it was definitely worth it. I’m immensely grateful we chose each other.

Thank you for helping me learn how to receive in ways I never have before. It was uncomfortable, yet now I understand it was imperative for my well being and the well being of my family.

This year was filled with tons of lovely contrast and I know that always means there’s a lot growth happening so clarity can rise to the surface. I’m so thankful I chose to lean into trust with all I got, it helped me realize how easeful life can be.

Thank you for another year of doing what I love. I feel humbled and deeply appreciative to work with people who blow my mind and inspire me on a daily basis; by simply being themselves. I still pinch myself that I’m able to spend my days living my purpose, having conversations about what’s possible in life, self care, trusting one’s intuition and celebrating miracles with women and men all over the world.

I’ve gotta say, my work is always exciting and now more than ever I’m thrilled about what’s up next. I appreciate the time I had to work on a project that’s a true labor of love over this past year. I’m also grateful I gave myself the time off needed to let inspiration and the missing links rise to the surface when they were ready.

I really learned a lot, I mean a lot, about patience this year. As I leaned into trusting the process, I gave up on trying to get it ALL done right now. This alone took me to new heights of love, confidence and relaxation.

Thank you for all of the challenges along the way, they helped me remember my own strength and tenderness. I was reminded over and over again that one of our greatest strengths is  vulnerability and believing in one’s visions is one of the greatest acts of self love we can give ourselves (and in turn the world.)

I was stretched to what I perceived to be my limits, and surprised myself by what I was capable of doing and being. More visions came true than I could have imagined, some in different packages than expected and as always… they are even better than what I envisioned.

2015, you really were my best year yet.

Now, as I look forward to the year ahead I have a heart full of immense appreciation. I know that 2016 will be filled with more love, adventure and dreams coming true than ever before. I have a lot of fun in store and I really look forward to sharing it with you.

In the meantime, while we are in the spirit of giving this holiday season, I want to share a little bit about an organization I have grown to love, Every Mother Counts. I learned about it shortly before finding out I was pregnant and I truly adore everything they stand for. Women everywhere deserve to have adequate care throughout their pregnancy and during their birthing experience. This brilliant organization created by Christy Turlington is helping make that possible, across the globe. Every little bit that we give helps make a difference.

If this interests you please click on this link…. http://www.everymothercounts.org

Lastly, if you’re up for it I want to invite you right now, to take a moment to write down what you’re thankful for in this past year. My bet, it will help you create even more of what you want in the year to come.

With immense love and appreciation,


How To Use Your Intuition To Create A Life You Love →

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.46.21 PM



We all know the feeling of regret that comes immediately after making a decision you knew wasn’t the right one. Maybe you agreed to do someone a favor even though you’re on deadline for work. Maybe you promised to meet a high school acquaintance out of obligation, despite the fact that the person mistreated you back then.

You want to crawl out of your skin. You wish you could rewind time and make a different choice.

Panic sets in and you start to obsess about why you made that decision. Maybe you start trying to convince yourself of all the reasons you should do whatever it is you decided to do, even though it feels completely forced.

We guilt trip ourselves so often sometimes we don’t even notice. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know it’s useless.

Guilt feels so wrong because it’s not a state intended or desired by the universe. (When I say “universe,” I mean the creator of everything. You may want to call it God, Source, Buddha, etc. I will use “universe” in the rest of this piece.) It’s a mindset characterized by fear, shame and harsh judgement, and it breeds more of those things.

A mantra I like to use when I find myself getting mired in worry or anxiety is this. “Fear is just false evidence appearing real.”

Guilt results from a focus on what you lack, and this focus encourages those feelings of inadequacy to grow.

Now, the universe isn’t sitting there judging you when you make a decision you’re not proud of, and it certainly isn’t holding it against you. Only you are. You are an extension of the universe, and guilt is a sign that you’re not being true to who you really are.

This is classic ego. It loves to parade our perceived failures or shortcomings in front of us.

Here’s the truth about the ego. We’ll always have one, and we need it. It’s not about beating it to the ground till it goes away. It’s about creating an awareness of when the ego’s running the show, and choosing to consciously redirect our thoughts.

Ego helps us experience contrast. Contrast between feelings is how we determine what we do our don’t actually want. So, the ego actually helps us move closer to the life we want.

When the ego produces guilt, it implies you’re involved in or committed to something you don’t really want to do or think about. The moment you realize that, you have an opportunity to find out why, and start searching for an activity or pursuit that will fulfill you.

Awareness of your guilt is all that’s required to take your power back, rather than to continue being a victim of your circumstances. Over time, you’ll create a new habit of making choices based on your true feelings and values. This inevitably results in decisions of which you can be proud.

Next time you feel that guilt creeping in, take a step back. Ask yourself, what is this feeling trying to teach me? The answer will rise to the surface, and you can then use it to make a choice better suited to bringing about the future you want. Your feelings are your superpower. Use your intuition to read them, and create a life you love to live.

7 Ways To Set Up Your Day For Happiness & Success


Some days it’s easier than others to get our feel good mojo flowing.

Today, I have great news… I figured out a few secrets on how to consistently start my day feeling fantastic and set myself up for success (bonus, they don’t take a lot of time.)

I don’t know about you, but I used to start every morning off in a rush. A little stroke of anxiety and “Oh my gosh I’m going to be late.” would plague my thoughts and I would be moving a million miles a minute.

That got old real quick. I realized it was affecting my workflow, I was being short when I spoke to people and I ended up making decisions I wasn’t proud of simply because I was moving way too fast.

Maybe you can relate?

Insert the magic cure all, a morning routine.

Who would have thought just 15 minutes could make all the difference in the world?

This gem has been a total game changer for myself and so many people I know and work with. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate or long, just filled with intention, stillness, inspiration and quiet.

Carving out this time regularly in my own life, helped me shift gears from being super reactionary and ‘off to the races’ every morning; to feeling at ease and focused. I also noticed I am way more creative, productive and the bonus – I make decision from an intuitive place which always leads to goodness. Success is a much welcomed result of these changes.

Without further adieu here are 7 steps I use in my own life, that start my day off feeling inspired, connected and ready to roll.

As soon as you wake up, say this to yourself either silently or out loud, “Today’s an amazing day, I choose to focus on the positive and trust what comes my way.”

Take 5 minutes to write out what you appreciate, anything, it doesn’t matter how big or small. Also, write out why you appreciate it… ie. ”I appreciate working from home, I love being able to make my own hours, wear what I want to wear and do meaningful work in this world. It brings me great joy to spend my days this way.”

Meditate – I like to do “I am meditations” where I state what I am creating over and over, as I sit in a comfortable seat on the floor with my eyes closed for 10 to 20 minutes. Example “I am healthy, vibrant and abundant.” The key here, is to allow yourself to feel the way you feel while being vibrant, healthy and abundant, let your imagination guide you… it’s a powerful way to amp up your attraction. You’ll be amazed at what starts showing up in your life.

Read or listen to an inspiring book or speaker. Even if it’s in the car, on the subway or during your walk on your way to work. Listen to words that inspire you and uplift your spirit. This will help you entertain the possibilities that lie ahead, hopefully get your imagination going and help you take inspired action. So that you’re not just dreaming about what lights you up, you’re doing it!

Move your body in a way that feels good. Even if it’s 5 minutes of stretching, or a quick walk. This helps get your blood flowing and it’s a mood booster, which will often inspire new positive perspectives.

Focus on what you’re capable of and what you embody, rather than what you lack.

As you look at your list of to do’s or what you’ve set out to do that day, take action in baby steps and do what lights you up most, first. This will help you stay inspired to keep moving forward while realizing you have a lot of skill and value right now. (No need to go down lackville and think about what you can’t do, that’s just exhausting and counterproductive.)

Celebrate the positive happy moments. Give yourself a high five in the mirror, call a friend or family member and celebrate your joy. Because it’s contagious and whenever we celebrate life’s happy moments, we create more of them!

So there you have it, the magic steps that helped me and many others set their day up for success and happiness. I hope you create a routine that helps you feel alive, excited and ready to take on your day ahead.

It’s Question Time. I Want To Hear From You!

Happy Thursday, Love!

Alright, it’s time.

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about remembering one’s unique purpose and how to turn your passions into a career and lifestyle you love. People have wondered how I did it and how I help others do the same.

Here’s a few examples of what they’ve asked.

How do I know I have a purpose?

Can I really do what I’m passionate about everyday?

I’m burnt out doing work I don’t love, how do I take the risk and do what lights me up when I don’t know what that is?

Enough is enough, I know I’m not using my talents to the best of my abilities. How do I start?

I’m confused about my passions. How do I gain clarity?

Now, I would love to hear from you.

What key questions do you have about living your purpose and creating an entire lifestyle you love, including a dream career? I can’t wait to hear!

Click on this link to send me your questions.

With love and a happy dance,


7 Reasons Knowing Your Unique Purpose Will Change Your Life →

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.46.21 PM


You wake up with that electric feeling surging through your body, and you just know it’s going to be a good day. Better than most, as a matter of fact.

You’re no longer bumbling along, trying to make sense of things that come your way. In hopes that the perfect job or relationship will land in your lap.

Instead, you know you’ve got this. You’re in charge of the road ahead, and it feels damn good. You’re clear about why you’re here and what you’re going to do with this glorious life you’re living.

This is a result of being certain of your unique purpose in life.

Remembering this can change every aspect of your life. I say “remembering” because all of us know this from a very young age. After years of listening to others’ opinions and learning fear, we often forget.

I’ve seen in it time and again in every client I’ve ever worked with.

Everyone’s experience is different in that moment of remembering. Sometimes it’s like fireworks and their whole life makes dramatic positive shifts quickly. Others times it’s a start to one of the most gorgeous paintings you’ve ever seen. It takes time. One stroke after another adds to the beauty, elegance and transformation that’s creating this masterpiece.

The truth is that the timeline doesn’t really matter all that much. It’s the content that’s so alluring.

One thing I know for sure: knowing your purpose helps you remember who you really are. In turn you stop doing anything — ESPECIALLY regarding your career — because you think you should do it.

Most people feel like they’ve given themselves a huge green light to be themselves. They have a greater understanding and appreciation of their unique gifts. They spend their days, time, energy and even money on what they value most.

As if that weren’t enough, here are a few more reasons why knowing your unique purpose will change everything in your life.

1. You’ll create a career far greater than what you could have ever imagined.

It will be filled with depth, meaning and purpose. This is a result of knowing your passions are not an accident; they’re showing up as part of your guidance system. When you use them to work with and help others, it will be the best use of your time, energy and creativity.

2. You’ll stop playing small.

You’ve got important moves to make while you’re here. With this newfound clarity, you take meaningful action daily.

3. You become more authentic than ever before.

You’ve given yourself the green light to be unabashedly you, and there’s no turning back now, baby. All those personality traits you used to think were an accident or perhaps you were embarrassed of, you now realize have divine purpose.

It’s your responsibility to be true them. With this knowing you realize when you allow yourself to shine, you encourage others to do the same.

4. Feeling good becomes the name of the game.

You’ve played the game of should’s, guilt and resistance long enough. Now that you know who you are and why you’re here, you’re open and curious about what you want to create next. You know without question that you’re here to FEEL good.

So, every day you make that a priority. This affects all of your relationships, enhancing intimacy and connection. The bonus is that it creates a positive domino effect of emotions and experiences.

5. You listen to and appreciate others’ opinions, but you don’t depend on them.

They have their own purpose that’s driving them on a daily basis. Their opinions come from their own life experiences, not yours. Now that you trust your intuition and know you’re always being guided, you listen to yourself more and trust the process.

6. Self-care becomes a top priority.

You genuinely want to take care of yourself, so you can fully show up for each day, feeling like a million bucks and ready to roll.

7. You spend less time doubting and more time trusting.

You know you’re not here by accident. The more time you spend doing what makes you come alive, the more impact you’ll have.

There’s only one YOU on this planet and we need you. So please, embrace those passions of yours and do what makes you come alive!

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Guilty Pleasures. Uptown Funk And Why I Became A Life Coach. →

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gather Yoga, right before the YogaPop event in Charleston. We talk about guilty pleasures, what kind of yoga practice I have these days and a few secrets I’ve never shared. Read below to hear all of the juicy details.

Our pals and partners at Yogapop are putting together another night of yoga, fashion, food, and music. On March 26, The Visitor Centre Bus Shed in Charleston, SC, will be transformed by the incomparable Yoga Guide Kathryn Budig, Chief Yogapop Inspirer Ashley Cebulka, booty-shaking beats from The Jaystorm Project, and the feel-good, high energy acoustic/electric stylings of Philly natives and Charleston-based musicians Regina Ferguson and Johnny Shields. Here, we catch up with Ashley to get inspired…

GatherYoga: Tell us about your craft, Ashley. What do you do? How do you do it, and WHY do you do it?


AC: As a Life Coach, I help people rediscover their unique gifts, passions, and purpose while encouraging them to create an entire lifestyle they love — one that’s fulfilling emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

I work with people all over the world, so most of the time I Skype with clients or we do sessions over the phone.

Often times people come to me because they’re frustrated with their career. They feel burnt out and want to create a radical change in life. Or they want an entire life overhaul. They’re often in the mindset, “If I just had ___( the perfect career, relationship, plump bank account), then my life would be perfect.” Yet their desires feel out of reach and they don’t know what steps to take in order to create what they want.

First I ask if they are willing to take 100% responsibility for their lives. Once they say “Yes!” it’s game on!

We actually start with helping them create self-care practices so they feel connected to themselves and understand their most authentic needs and desires. When they dive into regular self-care, they stop functioning consistently in reaction mode and begin to really listen to their intuition. Then they are able to make more intuitive decisions based on what they really want to do and what inspires them, which quickly creates more freedom in their lives. They stop giving into should-bombs, and stop basing life choices on guilt, trying to fit it in, or because of pressure they’ve put on themselves.

As they consistently commit to being authentic, they become clear with the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits that have held them back from experiencing what they really desire in life, like healthy relationships, a killer career, or a healthy body.

Once this clarity rises to the surface, they create new ways of being that are more in line with what they value. Again listening to their inner guide, they realize they know what to do.

From there, they start to rediscover what naturally makes them come alive and experience joy in life. Then, they do MORE of that. They start engaging in activities they haven’t done in a while, surrounding themselves with people that inspire them and share similar values. They make changes within their current job or start a new career all together. They become dedicated to doing the things that light them up, daily.

As all of these practices are in place, then we dive into the life purpose exercise. My favorite, by far. (This makes me giddy with excitement.) Once they discover their very unique purpose that’s been inside of them all along, they come alive in a way that’s electric and beyond inspiring….

I’ve witnessed every one of my clients suddenly give themselves permission to be who they really are. They stop playing small and take big risks. They create careers that far exceed what they could have imagined. Their financial income increases; in turn, they spend and invest their money on what they actually value. Their relationships flourish, as they fill them with vulnerability, intimacy, and FUN! They use their gifts in a way they know are most useful in helping others. They create an entire lifestyle they love.

GY: So, why do I it? Because when I discovered my unique purpose eight years ago, my whole life changed. I instantly wanted to help everyone I possibly could to discover their own, so they could experience the freedom and empowerment I knew was possible. It’s my calling, I know it’s what I’m here to do. It’s the most rewarding “work” I’ve ever done. Everyday I’m inspired by the people I work with and the lives they create. I feel immensely blessed that I spend my days doing what I love…

Gy: Do you practice yoga? If so, how did you come onto the mat? Talk about the evolution of your yoga practice over the years. Ash-Bike-2-300x200

AC: I’ve practiced yoga for 15 years. When I first dove into the practice, I wanted to find an exercise to counter-balance all of the athletic training I was doing. Yet, what evolved from there was quite spectacular.

It took about five years before my practice became a consistent one. I would say I dabbled in yoga and looked at it more as stretching before I made it a regular practice in my day to day life. Once my practice was more consistent, it became a grounding force in my life. It helped me heal my relationship with my body. I used to be at war with my body on a regular basis. Yet, through breathing and slowing down in yoga, I was able to approach my body in a way I had never considered before. I became acutely aware of my body’s needs and what it was capable of. That war mentality shifted to the loving and respectful relationship I now have with my body, which had a positive domino effect in all areas of my life. Yoga became and has continued to be a spiritual practice for me. I’m actually not all that concerned with fancy poses; I stay focused on practicing what feels good to my body. I no longer do any practices or workouts that I don’t like. Now, it’s much more about ease and pleasure, which makes my whole life more enjoyable.

GY: What can people expect from your performance at Yogapop?

AC: We’re going to have fun. It’s going to be a bit more interactive this go around, and you’ll walk away with a few action steps to take in the following weeks. Hint: Inspiration will be your source of motivation.

GY: What’s your guilty pleasure?


AC: I’ll drop the word guilt before answering this question. I don’t feel guilt with any of the pleasures in my life. I savor them.

One of my favorite pleasures is a savoring a home-cooked meal with friends and family. One that lasts for hours and hours. As we dive into several courses, each vivacious dish has our senses exploding with anticipation and excitement. I especially adore that precious moment of quiet, as everyone gets lost in the enjoyment of the flavors they’re tasting (that’s always a good sign). Before we know it, the lively conversation continues with plenty of laughter as we sip on beautiful wine. This is heaven to me.

GY: What’s your immediate release?

AC: Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever shared this one before. Singing. Whenever I start singing everything else falls away.

GY: Favorite musician and/or song?

AC: I love music way too much to say just one musician or song. I’ll tell you what’s been playing on repeat a lot lately. “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. I love to dance and I do it often, so this my jam to get in the mood.

GY: Favorite last read or watch?

AC: I recently read Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. I loved every second of it. She’s brilliant, hilarious, intuitive, driven, compassionate and has sage advice for all of us.

GY: Any final thoughts on Yogapop and what Hilary and Becca have created?
I love how Hilary and Becca are bringing the Charleston yoga and music community together and creating a lively events. The combination of yoga and music, along with delicious vendors and inspiring performers, makes a night to remember.

© Ash Cebulka.

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