Balance is Bullshit - Ash Cebulka

Balance is Bullshit

Let’s kick off the weekend with a massive sigh of relief, shall we?

First things first, Balance IS Bullshit. There, I said it.

Good talk.

Haha, just kidding. I have more to say (surprise, surprise.)

Balance is one of the biggest lies being sold to us in the media, wellness world and beyond. Are there times we’re more in the flow? Sure.

But as we all know, there’s different seasons to life. We have the periods where we’re on fire, feel unstoppable and most days are full of joy. Our careers are rockin’, our health is on point and our passport’s getting a few extra stamps.

There’s other seasons when we’re overwhelmed by changing our careers, ending relationships, losing a loved one.

When our grieving hearts feel heavy. When we wake up questioning where the heck our strength is going to come from so we can keep going.

Then, there’s other seasons that feel like we stretched ourselves into a completely different human. Where all of a sudden the grief, the growth, the courage, the massive change, the moments of “what the hell am I doing?” they all makes sense and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Now, here’s my question for you. What if you took striving for balance completely off the table? How would you feel and what would look different in your life?

My guess is, you’d feel free.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard angst in someone’s voice as they tell me all the “things” they’re doing to create balance in their life. They list them off,  self care (check), meditation (check), sweaty workouts (check), taking care of everyone and everything (check) annnnnnd I’m exhausted (check!!!!!).

But and it’s a big BUT – they’re Eff’ing stressed out trying to create balance. Can we all just laugh at how hilarious we can be? I mean, seriously.

I think a lot of times when people are striving for “Balance” it’s a sneaky attempt of trying to get their life to be perfect. It’s a trap.

What if we simply spent some time getting honest about what our sweet spot is, in that season?  

Where we gave ourselves permission to do less, to not say yes to everything, to feel it all – the joy, the grief, the fear, the inspiration, the excitement, etc. without judging ourselves for being you know, human.

Our sweet spot, is that every changing juicy experience of embracing who we are in THAT moment and loving the shit out of the life we’re living; mess and all. Because – it’s the one we’re choosing to live. Key word, choosing.

To me, this is what it means to be Passionately Free.

That’s why I’m so in love with those two words. When we recognize our free will – we become a bit more choosy about what we’re chasing and instead – become a bit more relaxed, light hearted, deliberate, passionate, accepting, excited and you know, free.

What if we woke up in the morning and asked ourselves these three questions.

How do I want to feel today?

What do I want and need?

How can I help and be of service to others?

Then listen to the quiet, soft voice – not the obnoxious loud one that rattles off to do lists – I’m talkin’ bout the quiet one full of wisdom, aka – your intuition, the voice of your soul. It knows what’s up. It’s always guided you.

So what if you started your days listening to that voice and actually taking ACTION on what you hear? Spoiler alert, I’ll tell you what happens. You feel free. You remember you’re the one in charge here.

You get to choose what you think about, talk about and do about. Ha. You know what I’m sayin’. You’re the one directing the ship, Mama. You get to choose what you believe and what you believe, well – it’s everything.

All love,


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