Put Your Back Into It!

You know how that song goes,  "You can do it put your back into it! I can do it put your back into it!" I have no idea why, but that was blaring in my head as I started to type this letter to you. Have you been feeling the wild, kind of chaotic and exciting energy in the air? There's something about this fall that feels, different. More intense, in every direction. When there's a ton of change in the air, there's one key word that can make it more easeful and fun. Drum roll please..... flex·i·bil·i·ty noun the quality of bending easily without breaking. the ability to be easily modified. "I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule" willingness to change or compromise.… [ Read more ]

Tell Me If This Ever Happened To You.

Last week I wrote about changing your story, a topic I could talk about for days. Mostly because it changed my freakin' life and I've seen that very act change the lives of countless women around the globe. Two days after that email landed in your inbox, my husband and I took on the hot-as-hell task of cleaning out our attic. Sweating our buns off looking through all the stuff we'd stored above our living space, I came across that folder. The one I never knew I saved, I actually couldn't believe I held onto it. "Renfrew Eating Disorder Facility" was printed in big bold silver letters across the bright purple folder. Underneath, those words were, Ashley Swider - patient.… [ Read more ]

You’re The Author Of Your Story

I want to know if you've experienced this before. I'll paint the picture for you. A beautiful woman has a deep yearning to break free from the molds she's created for herself over the years. She's so sick of the pit she feels in her stomach filled with the worries, fears and questions that keep her up at night. Lying in bed, while everyone else is a asleep, she's thinking... "Will I ever do something really meaningful? Do I have any passion left in me? How the heck could I use my passion to help others? What am I even good at? When am I going to take better care of myself? Am I ever going to be able to create a better… [ Read more ]

A Sneak Peak Into My New Years Ritual And How I’m Setting Goals For 2018

2017 was a year full of incredible highs and deep emotional lows, not just personally I feel like the world at large may have felt this way. There's been so many changes, lots of tragedy, plenty of miracles and a strong dose of challenge all wrapped up into 365 days. Personally this led to enormous growth in my heart, mind and spirit. It was messy, at times heart breaking and ultimately led to more love, quality time with my family and deeper intimacy with those I adore most. My business has grown, I've had the honor of working with so many incredible women around the globe and there's more to come in the New Year. Last night I was driving… [ Read more ]

Are You Listening?

I am sitting here at my desk drinking a hot cup of coffee wondering if you've asked yourself this question lately. "Am I listening to what I need?" And I mean, really listening. Then acting on the wisdom you hear. It's a rather simple question yet so freakin' powerful. This time of year is filled with a whole lot of holiday spirit and for some that includes a boatload of stress. Many times that stress shows up reminding us, to STFD- Slow The Fuck Down. The invites to holiday parties can be enticing. The race of finding the perfect gift can be thrilling and at times exhausting. Yet, I'm curious how many 'things' that you're piling on your plate actually… [ Read more ]

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