The Entrepreneur Burn Out



You took the risk and opened your own business, which you thought would be the answer to all of your dreams and aspirations. Only now you work what seems like 24/7 and you feel like you hardly have time to come up for air. If you ever take time off, the endless to-do list is circling around your brain so much you make yourself dizzy. You’re tired, cranky and would love a freakin’ break.

The kicker is you love what you’ve created. You would just like a little more sleep, some help from the perfect employee and quality down time with your friends.

This is where self-care enters into the entrepreneur’s life. This might sound slightly ludicrous to you, but the burn out and misery if you don’t take this vital step is beyond toxic.

Subscribe_YellowSo let’s jump-start the Feel Good Train now and begin indulging in self care practices.

What are they?

They’re different for everyone. It may be enjoying a cup of coffee solo in the morning. You may want to get a message once a week or go for early morning walks. Perhaps cooking an incredible gourmet meal or early morning meditations may be the ticket. Whatever nurtures you and helps you feel refreshed, revitalized and restored.

This could take five minutes or three hours, it’s your call. Use this as an opportunity to dive into things you naturally enjoy and take back your energy. When you do, you’ll feel more inspired and connected to yourself, your family, your community and your company.

This is about showing up for yourself. When you make your well-being a priority, you can fully show up to your life.

Write the answers to this question on a piece of paper: “What do I enjoy doing by myself that helps me feel relaxed, excited and refreshed?” Then, begin doing one thing a day from your self-care list, every day for one week.

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Bora Bora, Italian Meals and Dancing


I have a confession, I love jumping.

Not in the ‘every once in a blue moon’ kinda way. I actually jump on the regular, I guess it’s my way of showing excitement.

So when we stumbled upon this gorgeous gold statue in Italy, my husband called it “The Ash” and just had to snap a photo.

Now that you know my secret, let’s get to the good stuff.

In my recent interview with Travel Yogi, they asked me what my biggest source of inspiration was, where I’m dreaming of traveling to next and why I’m jumping with excitement for our upcoming Turks and Caicos Retreat….

Getting to Know: Ashley Cebulka

We introduced you to Elli Boland, one half of the Agents of Change team last week, so this week our blog post completes the team with an introduction to Ashley Cebulka!
Read on for her thoughts on inspiration, intention for the “Courageous Leap” retreat in Turks & Caicos this May and her love for spontaneous dance parties! 

What is your inspiration as a yoga teacher/travel yogi? 
My inspiration comes from a blend of courageous leaders, dancing, witnessing people get out of their comfort zone while speaking their truth,  travel and my incredible family and friends.
Where has yoga taken you?
Getting on the mat encouraged me and inspired me to drop the mask and tune in to my inner voice. It was the first form of movement I had ever done in my life that encouraged listening to my breath, slowing down and going at my own pace. As a former athlete, this was life changing.
I also adored going to the Yoga Journal Conference in NYC, being inspired by so many talented teachers, sharing their unique gifts was extraordinary.
What is your current favorite travel destination? Why?
Italy for the gorgeous, inviting culture. It’s my favorite cuisine on the planet and their overall lifestyle is filled with everything I love, relaxation, quality time with loved ones, epic meals, beautiful wines, and laughter.
What is your dream travel destination? Why?
Bora Bora. I’m a beach girl at heart. So I love the idea of staying in a little hut, with my husband and having nothing to do, but gaze at the gorgeous water, explore, read, fish and play.
What is your intention for your upcoming retreat? 
My intention is to inspire people to create a life they love. By sharing tools to help them listen to their intuition and allow that to be their guide. I will encourage small daily actions, based on feeling good, to help them create the changes and transformations they are desiring in life. I’m all about getting out of your comfort zone and adapting to a new level of uncertainty in order to grow and expand; and live your life to the fullest.
What are you most excited about in Turks & Caicos? 
The opportunity to experience adventure, inspiration and growth with people from all over the world. Dance parties and the connections that will come from people opening up, while being authentic and vulnerable along with a strong dose of playfulness.
Anything else we should know? 
I like to have dance parties, everyday.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People, Already! →

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 1.36.57 PM
FEBRUARY 17, 2014 3:51 AM EST

I know you’ve been there; we all have.

It’s that moment you’re standing next to a ‘perfect stranger’ when suddenly you find yourself sizing her up and comparing your beauty to hers. Or maybe it’s with a close friend who always seems to be put together and on track. So you compare and analyze all the ways you’re better than or worse than, in the hope that somewhere in the mess of judgments you’ll find some worth. Or worse, that you’ll think of new ways you need to improve yourself.

Ladies, it’s time to stop the comparison game, and here’s why.

It’s bullsh*t.

Because there’s someone out there who’s felt the way you feel, and there’s likely even someone who’s looked at you with envy. There have been times she wished jet fuel ran through her body so she’d have enough energy to make it through the day. She’s had her heart broken, cried herself to sleep, judged herself as less than, and at some point she probably looked at you wishing she could have a glimpse of what you have.

She saw your smiles, laughter and infectious joy and wished she had an ounce of it for a day. When she witnessed your success as you acquired respect and recognition in your line of work, she wondered if she’d ever have that. She saw you living a “simple life” and dreamed of the day her own life may be so graceful and uncomplicated.

When you looked like a knockout in that gorgeous simple black dress, she wished she’d spent 30 more minutes at the gym that day. Or, that time she walked by you and your man talking over a cup of coffee with love in your eyes, she yearned to know a love like that.

What she didn’t know was all the struggle you’d gone through in your own way, at your own time. How you couldn’t even imagine that someone, one day, would want to be in your shoes. You think to yourself, “If she only knew.”

The truth is, we all have our ups and downs in life, and we never know why someone’s life has turned out the way it has. So instead of getting caught up in their business, take a seat in your own life. This is where your true power lies.

There’s a couple of things I’m sure we can all agree on that every woman desires.

She wants confidence to be herself and be vulnerable with the people she loves. She wants to respect herself and be respected by others. Women desire honesty, to feel sexy and to boldly take risks. A woman needs a group of soul sisters that she knows she’ll always be supported by.

Women want to be adored and even cherished, a man or a woman to cuddle up to at night, great orgasms and to love and nurture others. Women want to laugh daily, to be taken care of, to give themselves permission to take time for themselves without feeling guilty. Women want to succeed in their own way in this world and to feel exquisite in their femininity.

At the end of the day women want to love and be loved.

So now, realizing that we all, for the most part, want the same thing, it’s hard to imagine competing against one another and comparing ourselves on our way to creating it. When we’re focused on what we don’t have, lack permeates our thoughts and totally masks us from all that we already have to offer the world.

Acknowledging and even appreciating another woman’s gifts doesn’t diminish what you naturally possess. It’s not a game of “she has more, so I must have less.”

So when the inevitable contrast happens and you find yourself envying what another woman has, use it as an opportunity. You can say to yourself, “Ahh, thanks for showing me an example of what I desire in my life. Where does that quality already exist within me and what can I do to accentuate it?!” Listen for the answers within you.

Now you’ve taken your power back. You’re even able to pay a compliment to the other woman, lovingly. It feels amazing and empowering to be able to acknowledge all of the beautiful qualities within ourselves without needing outside approval. This is when we can comfortably remember our confidence and appreciate the powerful woman standing next to us, for all the brilliance, beauty and strength she embodies.

We are way more powerful when we realize that we’re all in this together. And hey, there is more than enough love to go around for all of us.

Read the article here…

Revive Your Love Life


It’s that time of year again where “love” seems to be written on every storefront, magazine and restaurant menu. You find yourself a bit conflicted with anxiety about the big V-Day.

Whether you are struggling in a relationship, single or would simply like to press the refresh button, let’s add an extra dose of love to your life right now

Get Happy Hour with Ash

You started this year out with a bang. As you wrote your resolutions they were chock full of big dreams and typical New Year to-dos. Now, it’s five weeks into 2014 and your motivation has diminished. The guilt is creeping in. You’re starting to question your ability to follow through and “should bombs” are falling left and right.
It’s time to take a hard left onto The Feel-Good Highway

Be The Most Gorgeous You! →

It’s that time of year when everyone is super motivated to be their most accomplished, in shape and vibrant self.
While I know there are a million different suggestions out there about how to be stunning, loose weight and look ten years younger.
I decided to share what I believe anyone and everyone can do to be their most beautiful self right now. Hint, they’re not what you may think.

Check out my article on Mind Body Green to see all of the juicy details.

With love,


20 Ways To Be Your Most Gorgeous Self →


Who doesn’t want to look young, have glowing skin and feel beautiful? Here are a few secrets to be your most gorgeous self.

1. The top anti-aging secret is making sure you’re doing what you love in life.

Happiness creates a natural youthful glow in anyone. When you live your passions, you exude joy, which inspires you to make more choices based on your happiness and well-being. On the contrary, stress sucks the life out of you and encourages decisions based on reactions. To state the obvious, stress shows on the outside; this isn’t rocket science.

2. Wear what you want to wear.

How you dress is an expression of yourself. If you feel young at heart; rock those Chuck Taylors, or whatever you want, for that matter. The whole concept of dressing your age has always seemed a bit strange to me. If you feel confident in it, just wear it.

3. Create a self-care routine.

It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Start with one nurturing thing a day.

4. Have more sex.

I don’t think this needs explaining. If you don’t have a partner, you know what to do.

5. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when you’re “wrong.”

It’s a chance to grow, learn and expand. Look at it as an opportunity elevate, rather than trying to win points at a game of “rightness” that doesn’t exist in life.

6. Create your own version of success.

Base it on your passion and what you truly value, rather than keeping up with Joneses.

7. Dance more often.

Dancing is good for the soul, no matter if you’ve got killer moves or not. In the streets, in your kitchen, at a party, in an exercise class, on a table, wherever. Bust a move.

8. Smile!

Frowning gives you wrinkles (wink, wink).

9. Stop trying to be perfect.

Attempting to fit yourself into a box filled with lots of restrictions is the farthest you can get from enjoying your freedom. Embrace your perfectly imperfect self.

10. Express gratitude.

To yourself, your loved ones, your barista, to strangers. Sharing what you’re thankful for gets the love juices flowing through your body. It feels good. It also increases happiness in other peoples lives when they feel appreciated, which then increases your happiness seeing them joyful. You get the picture.

11. Say what you really want.

It saves a lot of time and energy. Skirting around issues for fear of conflict is not only exhausting, it’s not honest, and it’s counterproductive in creating intimacy. You glow when you speak your truth.

12. Do yoga.

We all know yoga has a long list of benefits for overall well-being of mind, body and spirit. If you’re scared of putting on tight pants, moving around like a frog and bending into a pretzel, start in your house. When you’re ready, go get your Zen on in a studio and talk about hemp milk after class; it’s life changing.

13. Stop blaming.

It’s a waste of time. When you blame others, you give your power away. Take the steering wheel of your own life and focus on creating what you want. If something isn’t working for you, change it.

14. Realize that a certain size of jeans is not your source of happiness.

Neither is nitpicking your body apart with girlfriends as a way to create false intimacy. Talk about things that matter, inspire and uplift one another. This will create positive change in more lives than just yours.

15. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself.

You’ll laugh your ass off at it down the road, and you’ll be so glad you took the risk.

16. Don’t believe people who tell you your dreams are impossible.

Especially if it has anything to do with your dreams. People tend to be afraid of risk takers because of their own issues. It has nothing to do with you. If you believe in it, keep tremendously interested in it.

17. Love your body, right now.

Stop waiting to wake up one day and look like a supermodel. When you appreciate it for what it is right now, it will show you tons of love back. You’ll feel way more relaxed and confident as soon as you drop the pressure and case of should bombs.

18. Rest.

Relaxation refuels your body, inspires your soul and is just flat out fun. Take more naps.

19. Go on adventures.

Exploring something for the first time renews your zest for life. Nuff said.

20. Don’t take life so seriously.

You will end up having way more laughing fits and a damn good time.

Shine ON!!!

Happy 2014!!! I hope you are enjoying the magic of this new year, so far.

I have some exciting news, I’ve had an idea for this program for a while and finally launched it today! It’s a bit different from my other programs, as it’s designed to help people who already know what they want but have allowed fear and limiting beliefs hold them back. It’s filled with so many golden nuggets and I am just thrilled to see where it takes us. So without further adieu, 

 Shine ON!


This program is designed to help you shine and start living your big dreams, right now!

You’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs in order to live out this bigger picture. Yet, when you get real with yourself you just don’t know what the next steps are. This is where our work together begins.

We are going to get real, honest and vulnerable.

Here I will encourage you to listen to the voice of your soul, also known as your intuition.

We will meet six times over the course of three months. Our first call will be about understanding where you’re currently at in life and where you’re wanting to go. I will then create a map for your program. From there, each call is an hour long and they will be filled with targeted question, helpful tools and direction; as well as recommended reading.

I will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and this is good news! Get ready to amp up your self care and enhance your overall well being; while discovering new passions in your life and ways to incorporate them into your days.

First, we’re going to get super clear on what you want and WHY. This clarity about your dreams will help us tease through forceful motivation, and in turn encourage you to start taking inspired action. From there, we will address what’s holding you back. You will discover your self imposed limitations and this part is crucial. Understanding these hidden barriers will open you up to a new level of clarity, peace of mind and realization that the empowerment you desire resides within you.

Next, we will create tools and practices to help you move through resistance and do more of what makes you come alive. In this way, we will ditch the ‘should bombs’, guilt and striving while creating space for more joy, freedom, financial abundance and overall well being.

Our work together will help you rediscover your unique life purpose, from there your intentions will be created with your purpose at the center of your life. This is about listening to your intuition and letting that be your guide, so you can take action from this place of authenticity. As you do, you will propel forward with confidence and passion while allowing yourself to Shine!!!

Filled with gratitude and joyous heart,


Join me for Resolution Rehab!

Register by 4pm, January 10!
5757 Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms, SC 29451 | Toll Free: 888.845.8918

Rebel Challenge starts today!

I hope your day is off to an amazing start!!!!!

I am super stoked over here because today kicks off the 21 day Rebel Challenge and I want you to join in on the fun!! Each day I will post a new challenge on my Facebook page,

Just to be clear about the kind of rebel we are talking about here.

(Rebel: One who stands up for what they believe in, despite the good opinions of others. One who takes action based on what feels good to their intuition )

The intention behind this challenge: To create a life we love.

While helping us listen to our intuition more.

Increase our freedom.

Do MORE of what lights us up.

Ditch the habits that don’t feel good and drain our energy.

Get a bit outside of our comfort zone.

Increase our energy.


Increase Abundance.

Experience and embrace our well being.

Add more value to the world.

Give ourselves to permission to Shine!

Each day I will post a challenge for you to do that day. (it will not take more than 5 minutes to do each day. FYI- you will need a journal/notebook.)

What I need from you: post below what your experience was once you have completed that days challenge.

Anyone who does all 21 days (posting comments all 21 days below the challenge) will win a free one hour life coaching session with moi!!!

So let’s get started, shall we?! We are starting with gratitude.

The first challenge- write out what you are grateful for about yourself.

Happy writing!!!!!

I look forward to hearing from you.

With so much love and gratitude,