There’s a Ton of Bullshit Out There

I'm curious, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed or even sick of the wellness industry? If the answer's yes, I'm with you. Sometimes I get nauseas from seeing people say, "Choose JOY!" and life will always work out. Ummmm yeah, not exactly. We all know life is super complex. Yes, we have plenty of opportunities on daily basis to focus our energy on joy. When we do it does feel fanfreakintastic. Yet over all, choosing joy isn't always the answer. There's plenty of experiences in life, that bring us to our knees. Where we're begging for some type of fairy dust clarity to arrive on a magic carpet, so we make sense of how messy our lives feel. Especially when… [ Read more ]

The Only Thing That Cures Self Doubt Is…

"The Only thing that cures self doubt is action."- Mel Robbins Not always an easy pill to swallow. But you know what? Sometimes we all need to a little extra push to remember how to get shit done. Pardon my french, you know I like to swear. (wink, wink.)   You know what you want. You know what you have to do. The key, is to take action on that knowing.     That’s what’s going to help you squash self doubt within seconds. We all get tripped up. Honestly, I get tripped up daily, I get in my own way and can easily get distracted.   Yet, I know that to see my dreams into my reality, it takes… [ Read more ]

You’re Telling Me To Do Whaaaat?

I want to know something. Are you making pleasure and joy a priority? Really take a moment and ask yourself this very question. As adults, we get really caught up in our responsibilities, we think that having fun and certainly pleasure is saved for 'after hours' once our endless to do list is crossed off. Yet, I've come to realize the way we're approaching it is ass backwards if we want to feel truly fulfilled. If we make pleasure and joy a daily priority, we feel better. Actually, we feel more ourselves. Which fills our energy tank right up. It helps us stay grounded in what we value and then encourages us to take action from a place of really,… [ Read more ]

So, What The Hell Is The Point?

I had a conversation recently that had me all fired up about healing, perfectionism and why the hell the relationship with ourselves is so important. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know the wellness world is on fire right now. People are taking charge of their health in unprecedented ways. To be frank, I think this is FanFUCKINGtastic. People are waking up to their capabilities and perhaps more importantly, the quality of life they're meant to live. THIS, is powerful beyond measure. Yet, here's where it gets tricky. I'm watching people attempt to 'get perfect' at healing. For the love of all things holy.  Please STOP doing that. This is where I want to encourage these people to pump… [ Read more ]

Loving Yourself Through The Burning Pain

I've been wanting to talk to you about this for a while and I realized there’s no "right time" other than, now. I know a lot of people who are in deep, burning pain, as I write this. Which hits me in my gut, because I know that kind of pain. I've been there and it's brought me to my knees. It's the kind of pain, that makes you wonder "Who the fuck am I and how the hell did my life turn out this way?" Where you question every move and feel paralyzed to making another decision for fear of making another "Wrong. Choice." This pain can become a vortex, filled with self doubt, too much wine, loathing of… [ Read more ]

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