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I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Realize This Sooner

Hey Mama,You know when you have those moments in life that stop you in your tracks? I had one of those yesterday.  She got quiet real quiet. So quiet, I could hear a pin drop.  I was having a conversation with a client yesterday and I said three words that made her so uncomfortable she couldn't speak.  I knew what was happening. Even though intellectually she understood them, she doesn't fully accept those words to be true. She doesn't KNOW them with every cell of her being.  You. Are. Enough. Those three words.  Knowing them, changes every single aspect of our lives. When we believe We. Are. Enough. we are unstoppable.  Yet how many problems stem from thinking we're not enough?  I'll get right to the point, all… [ Read more ]

I Didn’t See This Coming

I was shocked by how many people could relate to this.... A few days ago I wrote a realllllly vulnerable post on Instagram, the kind that just poured out of me and felt raw. I shared this intimate experience because I had a feeling if I could experience such deep healing from something that was SO out of the blue (like, "holy shit that came outta nowhere") then maybe someone else out there could too. What I never could've expected was just how many people could relate. Which got me thinking. We're all the same. Sure, we're going about life in different ways, with different points of view, different trauma's, different desires, different challenges. But at the end of the day, we all simply want to love and to… [ Read more ]

The Juggle Is Real

It's already starting.  The holidays are creeping up on us and the slightly frantic/exciting energy is in the air.  Before I go any further I wanna be clear, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!I'm ridiculously excited about Christmas and it's not even Halloween yet.  With that said, I'm wondering if you find yourself getting so far ahead of what needs to be done, when & where you're going - parties, travels, school functions, work trips/meetings - that you're already overwhelmed?  Like, it kinda takes the fun away from the fun - overwhelmed.  If so, first I get it. It's hella easy to get caught in the whirlwind but this year I want it to be different for you. Here's why.  Because as… [ Read more ]

Perfection, Just A Sexy Word For Fear

Hey Gorgeous!It's a super windy day here in Charleston and I'm cracking up while I type this to you. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Alex Terranova on the Dream Mason Podcast. When we recorded it, I had just returned from our hurrication.  He and I chatted about how life is kinda like a wild hurricane. Now, here I am again with a tropical storm outside, making' the most of it.I'm thinking about you and wondering where you're at in life. Do you feel like you're on cruise control, or like you're on a wild ass hamster wheel trying to keep up; or maybe somewhere in between? Whatever you're experiencing, I want to share a few stories with you about my lowest points, how I got out of them (hint-you can use… [ Read more ]

Feeling Lost? Try This.

Holy Whirlwind. First of all, I’ve missed you. If the past three weeks have been as crazy for you as they have for me, I hope you wore a seatbelt. I mean, I think I got whiplash from school starting, making snap decisions to evacuate for a hurricane, hitting up disney and taking big leaps in biz. To name a few. How about you, has the change in seasons been a little cray? Many people I’ve been chatting with - friends, clients, relatives, etc. have been mentioning they feel a little lost. Like, they don’t know what the next steps are. They’re used to having some kind of vision of the future, some goal they’re working towards but right now… [ Read more ]

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