Squashing Insecurities And A Trusty Little Trick I Have.

Ever feeling like you're drowning in doubt and don't how to come up for air?!   I've been there, I sooooo get it.   I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely, Virginia Beard of Fullwellpodcast.com   We covered a lot of juicy topics; I shared my approach to squashing insecurities, the one game changer in my life that I recommend to everyone, a trusty exercise I use daily and how I landed where I am now with a career and lifestyle I love and so much more.   Want to know more? Click on the link below, Feel like you don't have time?   Just a little secret, I listen to podcasts while I'm driving in… [ Read more ]

A New Way To Approach Goals & Resolutions For 2017

Just like that, another year in the bag and a New, exciting one ahead.   I want to share with you a new approach I took to goal setting this year, it felt freeing on all levels, along with incredibly exciting. If you dig it, I encourage you to give it a try and please let me know how it went for you! (shoot me an email, ash@ashcebulka.com)   A little secret, I've notoriously always put waaaay toooo much on my plate in years past. Which left me feeling exhausted, scattered and unsure of where to start first, this year.... it's allllll about Allowing. So, here's how I changed it up.) I answered the following questions, THEN wrote goals from… [ Read more ]

Speaking Of Tricks

Happy Halloween! I’m just going to jump straight to the point. It seems like everyone I talk to lately, has a lot on their plate and overwhelm is becoming a norm in their lives. I’ll say, I’ve been experiencing it as well. I recently heard someone say, “When life gets challenging, and you’re questioning everything; it’s testing you to see if you really want what you think you want.” While I understand that train of thought, I don’t agree. This is a perfect example of ways our mind plays tricks on us. Life, isn’t a test, ever. We’re not getting graded for our performance at the end of each day. Our thoughts and actions aren’t being constantly judged by God,… [ Read more ]

Actually Live The Life You Dream In 2016

I want to share a little secret with you. Goal setting used to give me anxiety. I would wonder why I didn’t already have ______ (a killer income, great job, fit body, etc.) Then focus on all the ways, I’d failed in life. I would get myself all worked up about going after what I ‘should’ want rather than what felt more intuitive. Inevitably I would feel defeated and sad before I even started to go after accomplishments. Eventually I realized something had to change, I had big dreams and wanted to live them right NOW, thank you very much. I came up with a way that was a way better fit. As you know, I coach people to help… [ Read more ]

A Little Love Goes A Long Way

Well Hello There, Is it just me or does it seem like this year, especially, went by CRAZY fast? I want share with you one of my favorite practices that only happens once a year and no, it’s not goal setting. While I am all about getting clear with your desires and declaring your vision for the future. I think it’s helpful to take pause, reflect on the past and say thank you. It’s pretty intimate and I love it.     Dearest 2015, You officially rocked my world.. Thank you for allowing dreams to come true that I’ve dreamt since I was a little itty bitty girl. I can remember when I used to ask my parents, daily, to… [ Read more ]

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