You’re The Author Of Your Story

I want to know if you've experienced this before. I'll paint the picture for you. A beautiful woman has a deep yearning to break free from the molds she's created for herself over the years. She's so sick of the pit she feels in her stomach filled with the worries, fears and questions that keep her up at night. Lying in bed, while everyone else is a asleep, she's thinking... "Will I ever do something really meaningful? Do I have any passion left in me? How the heck could I use my passion to help others? What am I even good at? When am I going to take better care of myself? Am I ever going to be able to create a better… [ Read more ]

This Mindset Shift Can Make ALL The Difference

Do you find yourself running on empty or wondering how the heck to make time for yourself while running a business? Oh laaaawwwwd do I get it. It's so easy to let taking care of ourselves slip through the cracks and before we know it, we're burnt out and have no motivation to keep working on the business we love. Which is why self care is one of my favorite topics to talk about. It's a crucial part of staying inspired, focused and having clarity, while running our business and quite frankly, our life. I'm thrilled to announce, I'll be talking alllll about self care and how to implement it into your life with my dear friend, Elli Richter on… [ Read more ]

Ladies, What Does This Mean To You?

It's Question Time! Times are changing and in this day and age we're reading a lot about how, "Women CAN Have It All". Yet If I were to put a big guess out there, "having it all" has different meaning for each individual. Lot's of times women find themselves comparing their lives to the examples they see in the media of what "Having It ALL" means to a Woman with a BIG career, kids and marriage. In my coaching biz and in life in general, I see and hear women putting a ton of pressure on themselves to get it all done, so they can have it all. Often times they are attempting to have a killer career, be an… [ Read more ]

What My Brothers Death Taught Me About Grief

  It’s an experience we are pretty much guaranteed in life. Yet when it hits us, it can feel like we were just bulldozed by an avalanche, wondering if we’ll ever breathe again. The world as we know it seems to stop, and the crumbling inside our hearts can feel paralyzing. I can only write this to you now, because I’ve been there. I want to share with you a few things that were incredibly helpful to me in the process. My oldest brother passed away four years ago. The news hit me in a way that is somewhat indescribable. He was and still is one of my best friends and one of the greatest heroes in my life. I… [ Read more ]

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