Who Do You Think You Are?

Happy Halloween!  I hope you're ready for a hilarious, fulfilled night with friends and family. My gold dreams are coming true tonight with the costume I'm wearing. I'm curious, are you a get-decked-out-super-into-it Halloweener or ummm, no so much? I've swung both ways and this year, I'm super into it. Let's dive into a topic I've been wanting to talk to you about. During a call with a client today, I found myself having a conversation I've had at least 300 times before and I couldn't help but think of you. Here's why, because my guess is you can likely relate on some level or another to what my client was going through. Heck, I know I can. I've been there more times than I can count. Without sharing the details of her life,… [ Read more ]

Tell Me If This Ever Happened To You.

Last week I wrote about changing your story, a topic I could talk about for days. Mostly because it changed my freakin' life and I've seen that very act change the lives of countless women around the globe. Two days after that email landed in your inbox, my husband and I took on the hot-as-hell task of cleaning out our attic. Sweating our buns off looking through all the stuff we'd stored above our living space, I came across that folder. The one I never knew I saved, I actually couldn't believe I held onto it. "Renfrew Eating Disorder Facility" was printed in big bold silver letters across the bright purple folder. Underneath, those words were, Ashley Swider - patient.… [ Read more ]

You’re The Author Of Your Story

I want to know if you've experienced this before. I'll paint the picture for you. A beautiful woman has a deep yearning to break free from the molds she's created for herself over the years. She's so sick of the pit she feels in her stomach filled with the worries, fears and questions that keep her up at night. Lying in bed, while everyone else is a asleep, she's thinking... "Will I ever do something really meaningful? Do I have any passion left in me? How the heck could I use my passion to help others? What am I even good at? When am I going to take better care of myself? Am I ever going to be able to create a better… [ Read more ]

What To Do When Anxiety Gets The Best Of You.

We've all been there. That moment that seems like eternity.  Where your thoughts are racing, your stomach is filled with  a ball of churning nerves and you find yourself wondering if a shot of tequila is the only answer. You know what I mean, right? Anxiety. It happens to pretty much everyone, I've ever met. It used to paralyze me. I wouldn't pursue my passions, because I was afraid of what others may think. I wouldn't get started because the thought of failing, would suffocate any bit of passion I had. I wouldn't put myself out there, because the anxiety of sucking, took over the courage go giving it a go. I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I wouldn't. The list goes… [ Read more ]

How To Feel Fanfreakintastic All Weekend Long

It's finally spring and man, it can be easy to have a few too many drinks, move really fast and make decisions because we think they'll help us feel good. But, we all know, waking up hungover - from one too many margs, a  food comma, or eeeek - poor decisions; can put a damper on our weekend. Here's an easy way to stay connected to yourself, fuel your body mind and spirit while making choices you're proud of. Before you get out of bed, with your eyes still closed, ask yourself, "What can I fuel my body, mind and spirit with today, so I can feel and do my best?" Pause and listen. Really listen to what your intuition… [ Read more ]

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