Can you just be and create sh*t?!

This may piss some people off. The spiritual world emphasizes the importance of being, a lot these days. While I agree, we all need to sit our booty's down on a cushion and meditate so we can get in alignment. Let's be honest, we also need to get stuff done. We also need to create some badass shit and that doesn't come from just sitting around. We create when we courageously take action on our desires. Plain and simple. Check out what the heck I'm talking about in today's Golden Nugget Video. Golden Nugget Video I want to hear from you, Mama. What do you want to create (maybe even something you've been holding back from doing for a while)?… [ Read more ]

You’re Gonna Want a Cup of Coffee with This…

Hey Mama, Do you ever find yourself wondering why the heck some areas of life are so easeful and in other ways your desires What's up with that? Well, pour yourself a cup of coffee cause we're gonna dive right in. I'm sharing a juicy secret to help you kick that struggle and confusion to the curb so you can create more clarity, ease & results what you really desire) starting today! Click on the link below to get your golden nugget! Golden Nugget Video Now over to you.. I want to know, what beliefs are holding you back from creating what you want? Let me know. Shoot me an email Did you like this video? If so, please… [ Read more ]

Knowing this can change EVERYTHING

Hey Mama, You know those days when you feel like your nailing it? Where everything you do seems to be working out in your favor; you're all kinds of energetic and the happy juices are flowin'. Works great. Your body feels strong and vibrant. Your outlook is chock full of optimism. Life is feeling rather amazing. Then the next day, kinda feels like *ahem* a shit storm? I know you know what I mean.. Your day starts off rushed, you spill coffee all over your shirt, scramble to find a new shirt, get your stuff together and you're out the door. Before the clock strikes 9am you read a crappy email, loose your creative juices, have a conversation that drains… [ Read more ]

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