Before Anything Else On Thanksgiving Day…

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year, Thanksgiving. I get all kinds of sentimental, giving lots of hugs and I always put way more than one thing I'm grateful for in the gratitude jar. But, here's my confession. I didn't used to look forward to this holiday. As a matter of fact, holidays in general used to feel intense, anxiety provoking and even sad. For years I didn't take care of myself and piled way too much on my plate, by the time the holidays arrived I felt more burnt out than an overcooked Turkey. On top of that, losing a family member makes the firsts - the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas, the first Birthday, etc. feel confusing; both gut wrenching because someone so dear… [ Read more ]

Tell Me If This Ever Happened To You.

Last week I wrote about changing your story, a topic I could talk about for days. Mostly because it changed my freakin' life and I've seen that very act change the lives of countless women around the globe. Two days after that email landed in your inbox, my husband and I took on the hot-as-hell task of cleaning out our attic. Sweating our buns off looking through all the stuff we'd stored above our living space, I came across that folder. The one I never knew I saved, I actually couldn't believe I held onto it. "Renfrew Eating Disorder Facility" was printed in big bold silver letters across the bright purple folder. Underneath, those words were, Ashley Swider - patient.… [ Read more ]

For Your Sanity’s Sake

Yesterday I was digging through my overstuffed beach bag, searching past bite size carrots, towels, too many PB&J's and a dirty diaper bag on a mission to find my phone. The eclipse was right over my head and it hit me, "Holy cow, I haven't looked for this damn phone in hours." I gotta say, I was proud of myself. Which is both embarrassing and honest. What an unforgettable day we had. Seeing that eclipse right over our heads, with our feet in the wet sand on our favorite beach in Charleston was my favorite day of 2017. Rather than paint a picture with my words, here's a shot my hubby took yesterday. Mind blowing, right? Now right before this moment.… [ Read more ]

What To Do When Anxiety Gets The Best Of You.

We've all been there. That moment that seems like eternity.  Where your thoughts are racing, your stomach is filled with  a ball of churning nerves and you find yourself wondering if a shot of tequila is the only answer. You know what I mean, right? Anxiety. It happens to pretty much everyone, I've ever met. It used to paralyze me. I wouldn't pursue my passions, because I was afraid of what others may think. I wouldn't get started because the thought of failing, would suffocate any bit of passion I had. I wouldn't put myself out there, because the anxiety of sucking, took over the courage go giving it a go. I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I wouldn't. The list goes… [ Read more ]

My Tips On Self Care and Ways You Can Create Your Own Practice Today.

I hope you’re snuggled up and warm this afternoon. This cold and kind of crazy weather has me thinking about ways people can feel their best no matter what’s going on around them. My immediate answer is, Self Care.   It’s a topic I speak to everyone about and I mean everyone, clients, friends, family, my husband - heck even my dog - OK maybe not Ollie; but everyone else. As a matter of fact, if there was only one tip I could give to others for the rest of my life… it would be telling them to dive into self care. I see how valuable it is in my own life and I’ve literally seen it transform people’s lives… [ Read more ]

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