Are You Showing Up?

You know those people who can make you laugh hysterically and move you to tears in the matter of minutes? The ones that have a way of touching your heart and awakening what truly matters to you. They're a rare breed aren't they? I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Kenney this weekend. While listening to this brilliant, hilarious and utterly inspiring woman speak, I sat in awe. "Holy SHIT, this woman was born to do this." I thought to myself, as she spoke on stage with her thick Boston accent. Karen has been a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles for 23 years. She's Marianne Williamson's 'spiritual' daughter and so much more. She openly shared the story… [ Read more ]

Finding Your Life Path + Having Fun in the Process: A Q+A with Life Coach Ashley Cebulka

I’m blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing friends in the world. I derive inspiration from them daily, and especially from my dear friend Ashley Cebulka. She is a phenomenal life coach in Charleston, South Carolina, who helps people create the life they love. She was there with me in the beginning of my finding out my own personal motto, “Aim true.” She continues to be a driving inspiration force in my life and I am thrilled to introduce you to her. Kathryn Budig: I enjoy your sparkly, positive attitude that carries over to your life coaching. Can you describe your coaching style? Ashley Cebulka: First, I am all about having fun. We cover a lot of… [ Read more ]
GUILT FREE COCKTAIL You are ready to declare it out loud. “No more should bombs!” It’s time to stop making decisions based on guilt, pressure and, well, “shoulds.” You’re ready to start doing what you actually want to do more often and leave the guilt behind. So let’s do this, shall we? It’s time to get comfortable saying no to convenience, so you can say a bigger YES to what you really want! If you don’t want to go that party, dinner, spin class or work engagement, just say no. The world wont crumble, I promise. Perhaps you’re afraid of what they’ll think of you and that you may be judged or left out the next go around. I have news, love.… [ Read more ]
YOUR TRUSTY COCKTAIL Let’s be real. Doubt uses up a lot of energy. We can easily get caught up in all the “what ifs” of life which tends to create anxiety about potential future events. Let’s stop the Future Tripping right now. And start sipping on a new kind of cocktail filled with what we appreciate about our life at present. 
Trust your life as it is right now. Stay with me. I bet there are many, many things you trust in your life right now. The love for your family, the love for your dog and your friends. Perhaps you trust that you will enjoy your cup of coffee, or that laughter brightens your days. Maybe you trust that… [ Read more ]
DEATH BY CUBICLE It’s 10am and you’re already wondering when this dreadful workday is going to wrap up so you can feel an ounce of relief and sanity again. The cubicle seems to be swallowing your passion for life and you want to break out of there like an inmate. You took the job because, quite frankly, it pays the bills. Only now you find yourself day dreaming of working from home, long leisurely lunches and FREEDOM. You realize that your misery is not only affecting your work, but you’ve become pessimistic and you’re taking it out on the ones you love. It’s time to press the refresh button. Sometimes the risk is worth the fear of the unknown that… [ Read more ]

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