THE TIME WHISPERER You’re a list person. Crossing things off your trusty to-do list gives you an immense amount of satisfaction. The only problem is you tend to pile it a mile high, full of what needs to be done today as if you drank a super human protein shake for breakfast. While feeling the pressure to get it all done, you realize you don’t even know where to begin. So you distract yourself, with cleaning or checking your several different social media accounts. Now, an hour has passed and the to-do list pressure is lingering in your mind. You’re getting more anxious by the second. Let’s stop the insanity right now. First, understand that you are the creator of… [ Read more ]
THE REAL DEAL WORKOUT There seems to be a new workout craze every week. With great promise that it will be “the one” that changes the shape of your body forever. So you dive in head first to the latest and greatest with promise to get your booty in tip-top shape. Yet every time you have to force yourself to go to class. You grin and bear it even though it feels awful because, hey, you’ll fit in your favorite jeans in no time! Can we please debunk the myth that you have to kill yourself in a workout in order for it to be effective? Enough already. Stop choosing workouts that feel like crap in hopes it will give you… [ Read more ]

The Entrepreneur Burn Out

THE ENTREPRENEUR BURN OUT You took the risk and opened your own business, which you thought would be the answer to all of your dreams and aspirations. Only now you work what seems like 24/7 and you feel like you hardly have time to come up for air. If you ever take time off, the endless to-do list is circling around your brain so much you make yourself dizzy. You’re tired, cranky and would love a freakin’ break. The kicker is you love what you’ve created. You would just like a little more sleep, some help from the perfect employee and quality down time with your friends. This is where self-care enters into the entrepreneur’s life. This might sound slightly… [ Read more ]

Bora Bora, Italian Meals and Dancing

  I have a confession, I love jumping. Not in the 'every once in a blue moon' kinda way. I actually jump on the regular, I guess it's my way of showing excitement. So when we stumbled upon this gorgeous gold statue in Italy, my husband called it "The Ash" and just had to snap a photo. Now that you know my secret, let's get to the good stuff. In my recent interview with Travel Yogi, they asked me what my biggest source of inspiration was, where I'm dreaming of traveling to next and why I'm jumping with excitement for our upcoming Turks and Caicos Retreat.... Getting to Know: Ashley Cebulka POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2014 IN BLOG We introduced you to Elli Boland, one… [ Read more ]

Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People, Already!

BY ASHLEY CEBULKA FEBRUARY 17, 2014 3:51 AM EST I know you’ve been there; we all have. It's that moment you’re standing next to a ‘perfect stranger’ when suddenly you find yourself sizing her up and comparing your beauty to hers. Or maybe it’s with a close friend who always seems to be put together and on track. So you compare and analyze all the ways you’re better than or worse than, in the hope that somewhere in the mess of judgments you’ll find some worth. Or worse, that you'll think of new ways you need to improve yourself. Ladies, it’s time to stop the comparison game, and here’s why. It’s bullsh*t. Because there's someone out there who's felt the way… [ Read more ]

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