Have a case of the guilts?

I can't even count how many times I've been asked this question. "How do you dive into self care and not feel guilty, like you 'should' be doing something else? Especially since becoming a Mom?" I'm not gonna lie. Part of me wants to roll my eyes, the other part of me so deeply understands the challenge of making it a priority. Funny enough, I often wonder how the heck so many of us forgot the undeniable truth that it's vital to our wellbeing to take precious care of ourselves, daily. Really, when and how did this start? We're human beings, with a pulse, with bodies that need fuel, with minds that need exercise and rest, with spirits that need… [ Read more ]

What’s Up With Your Story?

Are you telling that story again?? You know, the one where it feels like life is happening to you rather than for you. Where you feel like the victim of your circumstances, rather than the author. If so, today's Golden Nugget was made just for You! I've learned through experience, time and again the power of our words and the strength they carry as we tell the story of our lives. Trust, me my story wasn't pretty for a looooong time. I spent years, I mean YEARS, caught in a negative loop and kept creating more sh*t I didn't want. The tough part was, I didn't know where to begin to create the change I was aching for inside. So… [ Read more ]

Ready to get unstuck?

You know those days when you just feel stuck? Where no matter how hard you think about your unanswered question or the challenge you're facing, you just.can't.come.up.with.an.answer. WTF. Which just leads to obsessing about the problem and then you kinda' feel a liiiiiitttle bit like you're going crazy? Can you tell I've been there? First, here's the good news. You're not alone, Mama. We all have those days, and yes, they're super frustrating. Here's the extra good news, I have a solution that works like a charm every time. Check it out in today's Golden Nugget - Click the link below. Golden Nuggets Video Now, over to you. What helps you feel unstuck? Let me know! Did you like this… [ Read more ]

Can you just be and create sh*t?!

This may piss some people off. The spiritual world emphasizes the importance of being, a lot these days. While I agree, we all need to sit our booty's down on a cushion and meditate so we can get in alignment. Let's be honest, we also need to get stuff done. We also need to create some badass shit and that doesn't come from just sitting around. We create when we courageously take action on our desires. Plain and simple. Check out what the heck I'm talking about in today's Golden Nugget Video. Golden Nugget Video I want to hear from you, Mama. What do you want to create (maybe even something you've been holding back from doing for a while)?… [ Read more ]

A 5 Minute Morning Routine To Set Any Day Up For Success

Hey Mama, You know those mornings that feels so rushed you’re not even sure if you brushed your teeth before you walked out the door? Next thing you know you’re spilling coffee down your shirt, getting stuck in traffic and running late? Nobody likes to start their day rushed and if you’re anything like me, it’s far too easy to let those first 30 minutes create anxiety for the rest of the day. Years ago, I learned about how freakin’ important it is to have a morning routine. It makes sense, when we take time to get still and clear minded, we’re setting our day up for success. But here’s where I hit a snag. Becoming a mom and having… [ Read more ]

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