Tell Me If This Ever Happened To You.

Last week I wrote about changing your story, a topic I could talk about for days. Mostly because it changed my freakin' life and I've seen that very act change the lives of countless women around the globe. Two days after that email landed in your inbox, my husband and I took on the hot-as-hell task of cleaning out our attic. Sweating our buns off looking through all the stuff we'd stored above our living space, I came across that folder. The one I never knew I saved, I actually couldn't believe I held onto it. "Renfrew Eating Disorder Facility" was printed in big bold silver letters across the bright purple folder. Underneath, those words were, Ashley Swider - patient.… [ Read more ]

The Only Thing That Cures Self Doubt Is…

"The Only thing that cures self doubt is action."- Mel Robbins Not always an easy pill to swallow. But you know what? Sometimes we all need to a little extra push to remember how to get shit done. Pardon my french, you know I like to swear. (wink, wink.)   You know what you want. You know what you have to do. The key, is to take action on that knowing.     That’s what’s going to help you squash self doubt within seconds. We all get tripped up. Honestly, I get tripped up daily, I get in my own way and can easily get distracted.   Yet, I know that to see my dreams into my reality, it takes… [ Read more ]

Looks Are Deceiving

We’re not seeing the full picture. I’ve been thinking about social media a lot lately. How we’re only seeing part of someone’s story. Yet, how easily it can evoke feelings of jealousy, comparison, inadequacy, competitiveness, fear and so much more. I like to use Social media as a tool for my business and yes, share moments of my personal life. Keyword, MOMENTS. You’re only seeing “the highlight reel” as my brilliant friend, Kate Fagan calls it. For the most part, I’m posting thoughts to inspire others and hopefully let you know; you’re not alone on this wild journey called, LIFE. I do my best to keep it real. Sometimes you’ll see photos of my family and hear stories about my… [ Read more ]

You’re Telling Me To Do Whaaaat?

I want to know something. Are you making pleasure and joy a priority? Really take a moment and ask yourself this very question. As adults, we get really caught up in our responsibilities, we think that having fun and certainly pleasure is saved for 'after hours' once our endless to do list is crossed off. Yet, I've come to realize the way we're approaching it is ass backwards if we want to feel truly fulfilled. If we make pleasure and joy a daily priority, we feel better. Actually, we feel more ourselves. Which fills our energy tank right up. It helps us stay grounded in what we value and then encourages us to take action from a place of really,… [ Read more ]

Doing This, Could Change EVERYTHING.

The Question I can’t stop thinking about. “How often are people willing to give themselves permission to say what they really want?” Sadly, I’ve discovered the answer is, Not.That.Often. What’s up with that? I’ve come to understand a lot of people are holding back because, they’re afraid to be vulnerable.  They feel embarrassed and even guilty for wanting what they want. They’re afraid to say what they want incase they don’t get it.  They’re afraid they don’t deserve it. They’re afraid their dreams sound ridiculous. They’re afraid of what other people think. They’re afraid what they want is too big or too small. Do you see a theme here? They’re afraid and some even feel a tinge of guilt for… [ Read more ]

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