Estelle - Ash Cebulka


“Before I started Life Coaching with Ashley, I was in a state of uncertainty. I knew I needed to go look within but I didn’t really know how. I would feel terrible for being multi-passionate and I didn’t know how to take care of myself.

Ashley provided me with lifetime tools for me to be able to ground myself, to deal with my emotions in a much healthier way. I now know how to connect with myself in order to live in alignment. I have a dedicated self-care routine that I don’t feel forced to maintain. It has become a second nature and it allows me a way to come back to myself. I have learned how to look for guidance within as opposed to outside of myself.

With Ashley, I have laid an incredible web of resources to continue to enrich my life and to help me pursue my self-development. This work doesn’t end with the end of your coaching. The end of your coaching is only the beginning and Ashley helped me become an independent miracle worker.

I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who feels a deep sense of awakening but is lost in the amount of information and needs guidance to be put in right rails in order to keep developing their self-awareness. With Ashley, for anyone who needs a LOT of gentleness and care. Ashley knows how to be there for you but she will always make sure that you are growing your own wings.”

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