Lindsey - Ash Cebulka


“My life before coaching with Ash was chaotic and uncertain as I was unclear what direction I really wanted to head in both in my life and career. I was trying on many different hats, unclear of who or what I should give my time and energy towards.

I attribute this to the fact that three months ago, I didn’t understand that my “life purpose” was something I was already expressing in every area of my life not something I had to “find” or express in my career. I can’t tell you what a relief that has been because before coaching with Ash, I had been on the “hunt for my life purpose” for years. Looking back now, I also realize I knew what I really wanted in all areas of my life but I wasn’t fully giving myself permission to do, be and have all of those things.

Since coaching with Ash, all of my relationships and daily interactions with others has totally changed. I see myself relaxing more into who I am and being less reactionary in all areas of my life. Specifically, my relationship with myself has changed big time as I am so much more trusting, confident, and less apologetic for my wants/needs which has also changed my relationship with my husband big time!

I’m now able to ask for support from others’ in ways I wouldn’t have been able to do before working with Ash and experiencing this has been amazing, especially as a mom. I’d also say that after working together, I am experiencing life on a whole new level of happiness, fun and feel a greater sense of ease.

One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced through this experience is the support Ashley gave me in order to embrace a new career that I’ve been longing to start for over two years!!! I honestly feel that if we didn’t work together, I would’ve never given myself the permission to take the plunge in the area of my new career. Ash’s support and guidance was next to none and now I truly feel alive in all areas of my life!

I’d recommend life coaching to anyone who is willing and open to grow, stretch, and push themselves to live up to their fullest potential and live their highest vision.

Someone who isn’t afraid of stirring up some of their “old stuff” in a supported environment in order to get to the really juicy good stuff, because working with someone like Ash will do that for you! Anyone who’s looking to create a massive amount of change and momentum towards your deepest desires in your life would definitely benefit from working with Ashley Cebulka!”

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