Client Love - Ash Cebulka

Client Love

“I am so thankful that a dear friend introduced me to Ash! Before I started life coaching, I was stuck in a whirlpool of ideas, racing thoughts, with no direction. I was at that stage in life when my kids were getting easier to manage, and I was itching to get back into a creative working environment. How to take that leap into a direction that was focused and inspiring me was the big question. Over the years I had numerous ideas for businesses, start-ups, creative endeavors, but I just couldn’t figure out which path to take. And I seemed to have no motivation to take the ideas and put them into action. Ash changed all of that for me.

What I didn’t realize was that there were several things holding me back from figuring out my path. I needed to free myself from anxiety, worry and self-judgement. . I put many labels on myself, which were so limiting. I needed to focus on the little things that made me happy, appreciation for what I have, self-care. I was suffering from some health issues, which I believe were partially physical, and partially mental. With Ash’s help, I was able to move past those issues, and feel better both inside and out.

She helped me talk through what really inspires me about being creative, focus on a plan for business based on that, and launch it all in the span of 7 months. I am truly a changed person! One of the most important things I have learned is that if I keep myself focused on what inspires me, and enjoy doing those things, the work will come to me. And it has.

I can’t recommend Ash enough! She has taught me so much about myself. I feel much more free as a person, more confident, and more joyful about where life is taking me. I put the creativity that was lacking in my life back to the forefront. This makes me a much happier and more confident person, and I can share that with my family. Ash is a forever friend, and a truly gifted person. She has inspired me in so many ways. Don’t hesitate to take that leap with her!”


“Before I began this experience with Ashley, I felt an emptiness in my life. I knew that I was unhappy in my career but also knew that there were other issues deeply imbedded that I had not addressed in my life. My initial intent was to work on directing my career path to find my true “happiness”. Ashley quickly discovered that my job played a very minimal role in the root of my unhappiness.

Since working with Ashley, my life has changed substantially! Ashley introduced an abundant amount of exercises that allowed me to be completely honest with myself, take charge of my happiness and control my destiny. I made several life changes during this experience that I never even realized were having such a powerful effect on my life.

I have embraced the power of meditation and taking time for myself, things that I never made time for in the past. The amount of happiness/stability/control that I have over my life now is incredible. I truly feel that I came out of this experience such a stronger and more confident person.

I would recommend life coaching to anyone, specifically with Ashley! The fact that I came into my relationship with Ash assuming that I was devoted to changing my career path only and that every other aspect of my life was going just fine, and ending our sessions with an entirely new approach on my life and how I choose to find my own happiness, made me realize that anyone could gain from this experience. I can not say enough about how Ashley has changed my life.

I have and will continue to recommend Ashley to friends and family. It truly can impact anyone in such a positive and inspiring way.”


“I don’t even know where to even begin with how much my life has changed since signing up for coaching with Ash. I remember sitting in my room at my parent’s house staring out the window waiting for our first call and feeling hella worried about everything in my life.

I was sinking under the weight of toxic relationships and thought patterns. After my first call I saw a vision of life being so different and hope that all those things my soul desired would come to be.

I spent 9 months birthing a new life for myself and all I can say is that while I’m the same human… I am certainly not the same person. Ash has taught me so many tools for radical life changes that feel completely natural.

I love my job, yes my corporate job that has changed transformed from dreadful drudgery to something I love doing, there’s even negotiations for creating a whole new position just for the things I am good at doing. I have a wonderful relationship with myself and my family. Oh did I mention I am living alone in my own apartment (huge for me).

I simply cannot write enough words to express how thankful I am that the universe cross our paths. I highly encourage you to take the plunge, you deserve it.”


“Before I started my Life Coach program with Ash, my life was a lot of yang without the yin. I was always in spaz mode, moving from one thing to the next, lacking a true sense of self and grounding. I also had an idea in terms of taking the next step forward to fulfill my passion in life, but not really sure how to get there or even why I wanted to.

Doing a three month program with Ash was even more fulfilling than I could have imagined. I gained major clarity in terms of what I do and don’t want in my life. This includes my romantic relationship, friendships, and especially my relationship with myself. We got rid of the “clutter” in my head that was holding me back from becoming clear about my passion and how to put that passion to use in a career.

Now, I am extremely excited about fulfilling my passion and know exactly WHY I want what I want!

One of the greatest things I learned from Ash was how to truly trust, and let go. Trust that the universe gives us exactly what we need if we let go of our fears, worry, and ego. With Ash, I also developed a consistent self care practice that includes a daily meditation, which was life changing and empowering in itself.

Ashley’s love, enthusiasm, and clear positive energy is literally contagious through the phone, and our weekly conversations were something I always looked forward to!

I recommend Life Coaching with Ash to anyone who feels they are ready to start trusting their intuition, and unsure of exactly where to start. If you know you feel passionate about something, but not sure how to incorporate that into a career, then Ash is your girl!! She will guide you to trust yourself, and live a more fulfilling and empowered life. I am beyond grateful for my experience with her, Ash is truly amazing!!!”


“When I signed up for this program I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that my life would change but I never knew that it would change in the way it did.

With the guidance of Ash and her amazing tools I am now far more confident, I have a clear idea of the way I want to feel and the things I want in my life. It’s hard to imagine that it’s only been three months and I’ve gone from feeling lost and dependent on everyone else to feeling totally supported by the universe and excited about what’s to come.

I’ve gained immense clarity on not only my career, but also my relationships with others and myself. I have changed and grown so much in the three month program but the way it’s all unfolded was with ease and grace. I feel like this program is a must for someone ready to change but needing support and encouragement to move forward and live their purpose. If you feel lost and/or overwhelmed…. this will change that if you are ready to do the work. PS the work is fun and totally worth it.

I had a hard time writing this because it’s truly unreal and hard to describe the difference Ash made in my life. She helped me find my footing and establish habits that have helped me through tremendously difficult steps. I can now sit with feelings and observe if I am in alignment or if there needs to be a shift. I’ve changed in significant ways without burning my life to the ground in the process.

I am diving into an additional program and I seriously cannnnnnot wait to see what the next three months will yield. I think they will be even more powerful (if that’s even possible) because I have so much momentum and my tank is far more full than it was before starting this process.”


“My life before working with Ash can be described as; chaotic, reactive, anxiety ridden and spinning out of control. The signs were all there that a change needed take place, but I was moving to fast to notice or just ignored them.

Everything appeared to “look” great on the outside, but I was slowly falling apart. I was completely overwhelmed. Also, throw in the mix that I was dealing with a debilitating chronic illness. Thru all of this, I had the feeling of knowing that I wanted/needed to do something more, but having no idea what, was becoming stronger and stronger. It could no longer be ignored. I had no idea where or how to begin figuring this all out…then I found Ash.

EVERYTHING in my life has changed!I am more confident, empowered, and grounded. As an added bonus, I embarking on a new journey, a new career and I can not wait to see how everything unfolds. Even when life throws me some curve balls, I am now equipped and confident enough to handle these things without spiraling out of control. I wake each day ready to take on whatever life has in store for me with much more calm and clarity. That alone is such a liberating, freeing feeling.

I would recommend life coaching with Ash to anyone who is looking to make a radical change in their lives. To those who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in life and don’t know where to begin. Ash is so fun to work with. She is so passionate about her work and is so very good at it! She shines so bright, her light is contagious. I am so very grateful for the time I spent working with Ash, it was truly a gift. I can only hope that someday I can positively impact people’s lives the way she has mine.”Meegan

“Before I started life coaching with Ashley my life seemed like it was in a downward spiral. I had experienced a tragic loss and several life changing events that turned my life upside down. My usual self-confidence had turned into self-doubt and actual fear. I had been the bravest person I knew but life had dealt a big blow and I knew that I needed to take action to get back to who I was and where I wanted to be.

But where to turn? I had read about Ashley’s work a couple of years before and thought how great it would be to do some work like that, but it seemed out of reach. I realized that this was my chance to make a much needed big investment into me. It couldn’t have been a better choice!

Besides the trauma I was suffering, I realized that I had long lost touch with my true self and the things that brought me joy. My hearts desires and dreams had been sitting on a shelf waiting for a ‘better time’ for realization and I had begun to think that they may never materialize. Ashley began our sessions with such compassion and understanding, listening and, like a surgeon exacting a scalpel, started to cut away at layers of baggage and old stories to reveal the only one that matters, my true self. She started with giving me tools right away to do the work within myself and for myself, which, in turn, began to affect all things around me.

All areas of my life began to change, my story began to change. The clarity that I had wanted began to materialize and the contrasts of what I truly wanted and what I didn’t became so clear to me. Through the work that Ashley did with me, we were able to peel back all the layers of hurt, disappointment, and dissatisfaction to reveal a beautiful life and future, filled with joy and clarity. A path that brings the deepest joy and happiness because she has taught me how to walk in acceptance, confidence, loving my life and living it to my fullest potential.

I would recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to anyone who is discouraged about where their life has brought them, who is looking to find true joy in their career or relationships, who wants to find their true callings, and make effectual changes in their life. She has the expertise to get you to a new place when you think there is no hope and if you’ve simply lost your way, she can help you to find clarity and get you back to living a life that brings you true happiness and joy!”


“Before I started working with Ash I constantly felt hopeless. My attitude was consistently negative and it was really affecting every aspect of my life. Every day I woke up with a different idea of what I wanted my life to be, but felt completely defeated as to how to make it happen.

After spending time with Ash and her program I feel light!!! The majority of my fear/worry/negativity is gone and when it sneaks up on me I know I have the tools that I need to get my mind back to where I want it. It is truly incredible to see how much my thought process has changed in such a short time and how much that has changed my day to day life.

The great thing about this program is that even though you may not come out of it with all of your questions answered and all of your problems solved – you will come out of it with all of the tools you need to get there in your own time. It’s such a realistic approach to life coaching. I feel like I love myself and know myself better than I ever have before!

I think Ash could probably help change anyone’s life, but I would HIGHLY recommend her to people in their 20’s (like myself). Being in your 20’s is so confusing and Ash really gets that. She has the skills to help you feel good about where you’re at in life while gently pushing you in your desired direction. Whether you’re just finishing school, unhappy with work, or want to get to know yourself better I would recommend meeting with Ash!”


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