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Client Love

Before I started coaching with Ash, my life was good in many ways but I had a unique opportunity to devote time to a career change, as well as some personal aspects of my life that I wanted to focus on. The options that presented themselves were at times overwhelming because I felt like there were so many variables in play all at once. I wanted to be thoughtful and make decisions that would bring me the greatest happiness and joy.

Ashley’s coaching program is great because you start with the end in mind—what you want to achieve. From there, Ashley steps you through a series of exercises that build upon each other and are tailored to help you achieve your best life. For me, the program resulted in tremendous clarity in terms of what I want in all aspects of my life. And with that clarity, pursuing my goals has been more easeful and much more successful.

At the same time, my work with Ashley has helped me to approach the world with greater patience, understanding and confidence, because I know that the path I’ve chosen is part of a much larger picture.

I would recommend life coaching to everyone, but particularly to people that are at critical junctures in their lives.

Ash’s program specifically helps you to move through areas where you may be stuck in old patterns, or where fear may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. You have to spend the time to do the work and be willing to see things differently. With Ash’s guidance, you really can build a roadmap to a life you love!


Thank goodness I reached out to Ash! Before we started working together, I was generally content and stable in my life . From the outside looking in, it would seem I had my stuff together. Meanwhile, I was having a constant internal struggle living a life based upon fear, worry and a lack of confidence. I took a look inward to my own obstacles and what may be holding me back from reaching my full potential. I was interested in getting in touch with my true passions. There was a fire inside of me that was bursting to shine through and I needed the right person to bring that out of me. That is where Ash came in.

Before working with Ash, I had a tendency to become anxious and overwhelmed quite easily, always striving towards perfection, but constantly falling short in my own eyes. We dug deep to get rid of the perfectionist mindset and I gained clarity on how to I wanted to feel consistently.

By tapping into how I want to feel, I am now able to make decisions from an intuitive place rather than a reactionary state.

Within just a few weeks, I gained more clarity and direction than I ever thought possible.

I have incorporated a complete self care routine which consists of getting regular massages, infusing daily meditations and spending more time outside in nature. Making time to take better care of myself has improved my confidence, helping me realize that I am a pretty cool chick with many gifts to offer this world. Stripping away my fear and perfectionism one layer at a time, Ash encouraged me to believe anything I want in life is possible and I have the power to create it. It takes baby steps, getting in tune with my core desired feelings, then taking courageous action towards those feelings. Ash has equipped me with the tools I need to live a life of ease and passion.

Ash keeps it real. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, I felt like I was spending time with an old pal. She will make you feel right at home in her company. Ash has a way of evoking true potential. Her approach is open, sincere, genuine and inspiring. She will require you to put in honest and consistent work with her self-love prescriptions, and the rewards are unsurpassed. I recommend working with Ash to anyone who is looking for direction, a feeling of purpose and inspiration in their life.


My life was abundant: filled to the brim with irritability, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and sadness with no “explainable” reasons. Daily, I continued to run through the rigors of launching new businesses, engaging friends, maintaining familial relationships while attempting to balance a sense of “normalcy” and “self”. Needless to say, my life pre-Ash was filled with completely unrecognizable gifts and blessings.

When I think about what’s changed in my life since working with Ash, what hasn’t changed in my life would be the better question! I am LOVING myself more and more every day. I have respect for my finances. I have paid off debt, and have allowed my passion and genius to drive my career, and the money has followed.

I have become confident trusting my intuition to guide me in my personal relationships. I now have the ability to FEEL my feelings and express them in ways that translate to others with loving kindness. And the list goes on and on.

Life Coaching gives you a moment to breathe. And sometimes, we are just too busy and clouded to see that all we need is to take a beat.

Ashley’s supportive nature holds you tight during the fearful moments when you feel the breath may never come. Her enthusiasm, empathy, and experience guide you to uncover the best, and truest version of who you are and want to be. My life is richer, brighter, and more fulfilled from sharing a year with Ash.


When I started Coaching with Ash, I had just ended a very long-term relationship and moved to a new apartment. I was trying to find my footing and move forward but felt lost, overwhelmed, confused and heartbroken.

Three months later and everything is different. Instead of feeling sad and fixated on what I lost, I feel happy and grateful for what I’ve gained. I’ve had incredible experiences meeting new people in my personal life, speaking up for myself and setting boundaries at work. I am accomplishing goals that I’ve been holding onto for a long time but was afraid to try. I’ve developed a really consistent self care routine, regularly meditate, have slowed down my usual frantic pace, have become kinder and more patient to myself and others, and perhaps most importantly, learned the power of forgiveness.

Ashley is incredible – exactly the kind of person you want next to you when you’re going through a rough time or looking for clarity. She is positive, supportive, encouraging and unwavering.

This was a difficult process for me but she never pushed me, never judged, never lost her patience.

She has an incredible energy I really cannot imagine where I would be in my life right now if I hadn’t gone through this with her!


Life before I started working with Ashley was a bit convoluted. I was in a career that supported me very well financially, working as a pharmacist in a community retail pharmacy, but I still felt like something was missing. I wasn’t able to truly help people the way I knew I was meant to deep down inside. I had so many desires, but when I expressed them to others around me I was met with doubt and questions.  I kept those desires stifled within. I had a lot on my plate and wasn’t sure if I could take on a scheduled appointment with a lifestyle consultant, but clearly I needed to make the investment in myself.

Since working with Ashley I have cultivated the ability to listen to my intuition, and follow my desires fearlessly. I find that I am continuously taking courageous action and taking steps to move forward towards my desired lifestyle, career, and relationship. You absolutely can have it all!  I have learned to integrate self-care into my life on a daily basis and that is a game changer!

Things that I have completely integrated into my life now include, daily meditations, baths, massages, and using my core desired feelings as my barometer of making decisions in the present and for the future.

In the next 6-9 months I will be moving to a location that meets all that I desire to be surrounded in and start my own website/consulting practice.  I would not have in my wildest dreams believed I could do all of this without the help of Ashley. She has helped me anchor into the trust, embrace the uncertainty, and become the manifesting mama that I am today!

I would recommend life coaching to anyone who is going through any kind of change, whether it’s lifestyle, career, health, or relationship related. The investment is small in comparison to the outcomes you get from investing in yourself. If you are standing on the perimeter just thinking about it, DO IT!!!!

I would recommend Ashley to anyone who is specifically looking to live the lifestyle they always wanted, if you feel like you have a deep burning desire to do more or make changes in any areas of your life, and are held back by fear, she’s your girl. She’s the loving, supporting, manifesting maven you are looking for. I already miss our weekly sessions.

Leah Heine

​Before I started working with Ash, I’d say a felt a bit lost.  I felt desperate for clarity on all fronts, but in particular with regard to my career and my relationships.  I felt confident that I could figure it all out, but had no idea where to begin and was in turn felt very stuck.  I still loved my career in many ways, but I continued to feel a pull for something more.  ​

Now, I can honestly say that I am in the best space of my life.  Everyday I gain more and more clarity, but with that I carry an openness to whatever may unfold.  I no longer see my vision from a narrow and limiting perspective, but instead am open and willing to receive anything that will help me get closer to the way I want to feel all the time.  

I have developed a kinder and more compassionate relationship with myself, which is something that prior to working with Ash, I wasn’t aware of how damaged that relationship had become.  I can honestly say that I love all of myself now, my strengths, my imperfections, the whole package.  To me, this is invaluable and I don’t think there are enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards Ash for helping me to get to this place.  

I am aware that I will forever be a work in progress and I am excited about that.  I feel more positive about my career and the direction it is going.  I also feel excited for the opportunities that will unfold before me.  I realized that I need to spend more time doing the things I am really passionate about, like creating, and I am psyched to re-integrate this into my life.  I have also realized that I really enjoy writing.  All in all, I am incredibly excited about the path I am on right now and can’t wait for my journey to continue.

Before I started working with Ash, I was feeling really confused about my romantic relationships.  I thought I would get some clarity here and figure out what I was doing wrong or determine that I should be with a particular person in my life.  This was not the case—what I got was even better.  I realized that the primary relationship I needed to attend to was the one with myself.  By strengthening that relationship, I became more confident and happy with my life as it was.  I am no longer worried about finding a romantic relationship or the fact that I am getting older or worrying about spending my life alone.  I trust that it will all work out as it should and the bottom line is that I have me and I am good with that. This is huge for me!​

In all honesty, if you are someone who feels like something is missing in your life, whether that be career-related, with regard to relationships, spiritually, health-wise, life coaching with Ash is for you.  If you are in search of clarity and feel like having someone guide you and hold you accountable to your desire for self-improvement, Ash can be instrumental in helping you to figure it all out.

I have been so impressed with her ability to be present with and guide me along my journey.  Her positive energy is radiating and she has a very gentle way of validating, but also knows when to push you.  If you are someone who responds well to this type of contagious energy and who benefits from the balance of validation, empathy, and someone who will challenge you to dig deeper, then you should work with Ash.  She is awesome, and truly a kind and unique soul.

Debi Rogers

My life before Ashley was a bit discombobulated. I had just been thrown a big emotional wrench and felt like I was in need of some guidance and help, both professionally and personally. It felt like life should feel better than what it was feeling at that time. I couldn’t seem to find true happiness within myself, or understand my emotions and what to do with them.

Since starting life coaching, I mean wow, my life has greater purpose now. I have a desire to do more with my life now, with better direction, which is an amazing feeling.

Ashley helped me understand how to feel more connected and stay true to myself, regardless of external factors. She gave me so many tools and exercises I can use in my everyday life to constantly come back to that trust and connection.

I am building better trust with myself and where life is taking me. Ashley helped me understand how to balance my empathic habits and use them in a healthier way. And because of that, I now feel so much more empowered to lead the life I want using the intuition that was in me all along.

Every conversation with Ashley is like a big bear hug. She has an amazing way of making sense of and connecting the dots of people’s emotions and stories. Her enthusiasm and joy is so infectious! It truly does feel like you have a coach rooting for you during a game, that can call a timeout when they see you need a better game plan. Except in this case Ashley was the coach rooting for you to lead an amazing life, giving you tools to take those mini time-outs in life when you needed to reconnect to your purpose. Everything she said always struck the right chord with me. I so appreciated her honesty and compassionate way of making me feel ok with not feeling ok. I would absolutely recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to anyone who simply needs a little clarity and guidance. It will revitalize your zest to live a kick ass life.

Amy Valesquez

Before starting Life Coaching with Ash, my life didn’t feel like mine.

I was totally lost; I was majorly lacking connection with myself, and didn’t know where to begin to pick up the pieces and get back on track. I had an idea of where I would like to be, but no clue how to get there.

Now, I’m completely the opposite!

I have fully reconnected with my passions, my intuition, and myself and learned the tools to keep it that way. I was able to see all of the tricks I play on myself that hold me back, and learn how to catch myself in the process.

I gained clarity on the direction I wanted to be headed, and gained the confidence to venture there.

On the day after my last session with Ashley, I scored my dream job, and realized I really have created a life that I love.

I would recommend working with Ash to anyone who is looking to learn how to reconnect to their intuition, ignite mad self-love, and create a life they love (all while laughing their a** off on the way)!!

Grace Hildenbrand

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