Have a case of the guilts?

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked this question.

“How do you dive into self care and not feel guilty, like you ‘should’ be doing something else? Especially since becoming a Mom?”

I’m not gonna lie. Part of me wants to roll my eyes, the other part of me so deeply understands the challenge of making it a priority.

Funny enough, I often wonder how the heck so many of us forgot the undeniable truth that it’s vital to our wellbeing to take precious care of ourselves, daily.

Really, when and how did this start? We’re human beings, with a pulse, with bodies that need fuel, with minds that need exercise and rest, with spirits that need fun, creativity, passion, connection and ease.

Our lives are fueled by the amount of energy and clarity we have in any given day to tend to our responsibilities, our work, our kids, our homes, our bodies, our life.

So, why would we put self care, which fuels our mind, body and spirit on the back burner?

Often, I think it’s because we think it’s going to take up too much of our time and we’ll never get the important stuff done.

Here’s what I’ve realized. When I have a regular self care practice, I’m more connected to who I really am and I’m proud of how I show up in the world. Has my routine changed since being a Mom? Hell Yes, it has.

I used to have a 2 hour self care routine every morning before my daughter was born, it was glorious.

But as we all know, babies don’t care about meditating, journaling, visualization and yoga class. So, I had to switch it up.

I’ve stayed flexible with how and where I can fit it in. That, flexibility has been key. Scheduling it, so I know I’ve committed to it, has been crucial in consistency.

Now, here’s a silly video I made for you about why YOU and your needs, are so important!

Check it out in today’s Golden Nugget

Now, over to you. How do you make self care a priority? OR do you want to amp it up in your life? Let me know.

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