Ladies, What Does This Mean To You?

It’s Question Time!

Times are changing and in this day and age we’re reading a lot about how,
“Women CAN Have It All”.

Yet If I were to put a big guess out there, “having it all” has different meaning for each individual.

Lot’s of times women find themselves comparing their lives to the examples they see in the media of what “Having It ALL” means to a Woman with a BIG career, kids and marriage.

In my coaching biz and in life in general, I see and hear women putting a ton of pressure on themselves to get it all done, so they can have it all.

Often times they are attempting to have a killer career, be an amazing wife/lover and mom, have a great body, be a fabulous friend and relative; oh and somewhere in there find time for themselves.

Which usually leads to EXHAUSTION.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of helping hundreds of women across the world Create A Life They Love, on their own terms. Ironically it’s usually quite different from the way society defines it.

Which leads to my questions. Click on this link below to answer…

I’m already doing a happy dance over here awaiting your answers.

With love,


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