Looks Are Deceiving

We’re not seeing the full picture.

I’ve been thinking about social media a lot lately.

How we’re only seeing part of someone’s story.

Yet, how easily it can evoke feelings of jealousy, comparison, inadequacy, competitiveness, fear and so much more.

I like to use Social media as a tool for my business and yes, share moments of my personal life.

Keyword, MOMENTS.

You’re only seeing “the highlight reel” as my brilliant friend, Kate Fagan calls it.

For the most part, I’m posting thoughts to inspire others and hopefully let you know; you’re not alone on this wild journey called, LIFE.

I do my best to keep it real.

Sometimes you’ll see photos of my family and hear stories about my personal life. Other times, I’m focused on spreading a message in line with the work I do in the world.

Yet, you’re rarely (if ever) seeing pictures of me crying and having a meltdown because I’m exhausted.

You don’t see me post about the times my hubby and I have an argument. Or the days I feel super alone and I doubt my decisions in business.

You don’t see me staying up at night wondering how the hell I can keep my daughter safe in this world, which often feels out of control and scary.

You’re not witnessing my brain reeling about what school to send my daughter to and when we’re going to send her.

You don’t see me crying at the most random part of a day, because all of sudden, I miss my brother Ian. The feeling is so intense, I want to laugh with him one more time and I wish he could meet my daughter.

There are so many aspects of my life you don’t see and yes, there’s reason for that.

Because some aspects of my life, are so sacred I choose to keep them to myself and my close loved ones.

This includes the happiest moments of my life.

Last night, as I walked into my house after 24 hours in NYC and saw Siena and Andrew playing on the couch, my heart felt like it might explode with love. These moments, aren’t captured.


As a matter of fact, the best moments on my life are rarely, if ever captured on camera.


Thank god for that. I’m so present in the moment, fully relishing in my joy; I don’t think about anything else.

I love social media for many reasons, I’m able to connect with people all over the world. There are people’s lives who inspire me and I love ‘following’. Most of my clients have found me on social media.

I get to see what’s going on with people I care about, who I don’t get to see in person that often.

I get to share my work with the world, without paying for advertising.


However, sometimes I just want to leave the social media world for good because of how planned and orchestrated it feels.


So, I’ve decided to use it as a tool and leave it at that.

I don’t spend time worrying about who and how many people are “following me”. Yes, I used to do this, like so many people I know. I don’t concern myself with who likes my post and all that other surface validation. I’ve realized, all of that honestly doesn’t mean anything.

It’s not even close to what helps me feel fully connected to myself and recognize how fulfilled I am with my life. Instead, it can quickly become a distraction.

My whole point is this.

Keep it all in perspective. Social media is simply an outlet and you’re never really seeing ANYONE’S whole story.

I encourage all of us to use our time and energy appreciating the life we’re living now, ‘flaws’ and all. As we do, the less we’ll care about how we’re perceived on social networks and what other people are doing.


All love & honesty,

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