Testimonials - Ash Cebulka

A soulful program to intuitively help you launch a purpose driven business.
So you can create the profits and meaningful difference you’re here to make.

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Read it yourself, ladies are loving this program!

Holy Guacamole. I just rewatched/did the work for Mods 1&2 and then dove into Module 3.


All I can say is that if the course stopped here it would be worth every dollar and cent I paid. I’m sitting here utterly shocked by what I uncovered.

Your gift of helping get clarity on what the hell is actually going on is unbelievable. Mid way through the modules I started to crack up because the last time I wrote you all that fear was just RESISTANCE!!! It was just Karen (my bitchy inner critic who has had a name for almost a year) trying to run the show.

My list of resistance shocked me. One of the things that came up after the usual suspects of social media/shopping/YouTube was the fact that I continually find myself in relationships (romantic) that create an unlimited amount of drama that I can bitch and moan about all day…. instead of focusing on what’s important and my career I already have.

Part of me wishes I had a tally of the hours of texting I spent over the last three weeks on relationship drama, I can tell you this, it’s at least triple the time I spent focused on actual work. Time for forgiveness and time to move on.

I cannot wait to see what else comes up since this is just the beginning of the course. I’m so damn happy I took the leap of faith to do this.

Thank you for bringing this course into the world.


There are many things I can say about Ash and the work she does. To sum it up in one word…magic.


She has a knack for helping you slow your roll, take a step back and break things down in manageable steps. She takes you through a process that helps you gain a ton of clarity on the things you are struggling and working on, both personally and professionally.

As well tapping into what truly lights you up and how to bring more of that into your life.

I could not recommend Passionately Free enough. It’s a game changer. If you are feeling the niggle that you are ready to dive and do some work, this is the perfect program. Take the leap, invest in yourself, you won’t regret it.


Ash’s course is just magical!


Starting my own business has been beyond overwhelming. Through the modules of Passionately Free, I have discovered
exactly what is holding me back and not allowing myself to be successful.

I have gained so much clarity surrounding every aspect of my business and further developed my passion for what I was meant to be doing. Thank you Ash for your amazing course and more so for your genuine love and support!


Before this course, I felt lost – especially about my career. I knew what I liked, but didn’t think I had a specific career purpose or passion. I knew there was something more inside of me, I just didn’t know how to get it out.


Since enrolling in Ash’s course, there’s been so many changes in my life. The biggest being I’ve slowed down. I am softer, less hard/judgmental/controlling of myself.

I’m opening up more about my past and acknowledging that it had a how impact on my life and learning how to not let it control my future.

Although, I am still fine tuning what I am going to do, I am listening to my heart and I am not afraid of the future or failing. I’m making moves to launch a career, I never even thought was possible. I’m getting outside of my comfort zone and reminding myself what I’m capable of.

Ash’s amazing ability to get things out of me, has blown me away. She has a gift at helping me gain deep levels of clarity about my hopes, dreams, fears; while listening to my thoughts and translating them into how they relate in life.

She helped me feel 100% comfortable with trusting her and the process. I mean I cried (freeing happy tears) more than once. Proof miracles do happen. I’m realizing I don’t need try to control everything or run from fear instead I’m facing it head on.

I don’t need to everyone’s approval. I’m proud of going after what I want and believing in my big dreams.

I tell anyone I love and care about to enroll in this course, it’s so worth it.


Enrollment Opening Again in December 2020