8 Group Coaching Calls. Women getting real. Speaking their truth. Being vulnerable. Getting honest about what they want and asking for it.

While supporting one another as we move through our fears and go after what we want with confidence and love.


The Mission : Creating brilliance and beauty out of a big life transition.

Each week we’ll meet for an hour on group coaching call, where I will guide you through a lesson, provide simple yet effective tools and practices, so you can integrate them into your life, now.

This is about helping you create forward momentum so those desires you have can start to materialize, now. You’ll also meet like minded women who are on a similar path as you, who want to connect on a soulful, real-talk level. Transformation can feel scary and lonely at times. This is a place for you to support and encourage one another.


  • 8 coaching calls – 1 hour long 30 minutes of coaching and 30 min Q&A

  • You’ll AMP up your self care in a major way. You’ll learn ways to have a consistent and flexible routine by incorporating soulful & simple practices to your day – no matter how busy you are.

  • You’ll do a lifestyle edit, where you take a broad scoping view of the 5 main areas of life and gain clarity about what’s working for you and what’s not, then adjust/edit according to what your inner wisdom guides you to do.  So you can make more room and spaciousness for your pleasure and F.U.N.

  • You’ll uncover your Passions and how you can infuse them in your daily lifestyle.

  • You’re going to gain several tools to help you listen to your intuition in any and every situation.

  • You’re going to give your mindset a major upgrade, using the power of your thoughts and words to help you attract and create more of what you want.  While also, learning how to handle doubt like a boss as you create changes in your life.

  • You will figure out how to use your energy in a way that fuels and energizes your days.

  • You’re going to get clear on how to create a career that’s spiritually and emotionally fulfilling.

Women getting real. Speaking their truth. Being vulnerable. Getting honest about what they want and asking for it.

Each call will be recorded and you will receive it once the call has ended.

There will also be an ongoing forum as well, where I’ll encourage all of us to keep in touch in between calls. Here we can talk about each other’s experiences, ask questions and again, support one another; no matter what chapters of life we’re living. It’ll be on Google Docs – think of it as our private journal.

*****This forum will NOT be on Facebook or any other social media.  I want it to be a private and sacred place for all of us to share and feel supported, while not being distracted by the gossip happening in others lives.


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