Surprise! There’s some gold inside for you!

I am SO over the moon excited to share this news with you.

I’ve been wanting to create video content for you for quite a while. I finally pushed aside the desires for it to be perfect and started creating.

(There’s so much to be said from that lesson alone.)

So, without further adieu I’m happily sharing a new series by moi called Golden Nuggets.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Gold. Like, a lot.

Annnnnd I love sharing insights, inspiration, wisdom and ahem, little golden nuggets I learn along the way to help you stay super connected to yourself and the life you want to be living.

So naturally, Golden Nuggets was born.

Click on the video below and watch the first of many.

Watch now!

Did you dig this video? If so, please feel free to share with anyone else you’d think would dig it or someone who could use a friendly reminder to take care of themselves.

All love,


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