How To Break Negative Self Talk Habits

 Ready to hear a few of my secrets about how I stopped habits that feel like crap? I was recently interviewed by the lovely, Margaret Ulrich and I spilled the beans about how I got off the track of self loathing and onto self loving.. read on to hear the juicy details.   I Dropped This Type-A Habit, and You Should Too BY MARGARET ULRICH ON MARCH 13, 2016 I’ve been labeled a go-getter and overachiever since forever — I’m still in denial about the dreaded “perfectionist” label. But because of my “success,” people didn’t see the damage I did to myself in order to achieve it. Getting straight As and then working two or more jobs wasn’t enough for myself. I had this idea in my… [ Read more ]

Shine ON!!!

Happy 2014!!! I hope you are enjoying the magic of this new year, so far. I have some exciting news, I've had an idea for this program for a while and finally launched it today! It's a bit different from my other programs, as it's designed to help people who already know what they want but have allowed fear and limiting beliefs hold them back. It's filled with so many golden nuggets and I am just thrilled to see where it takes us. So without further adieu,   Shine ON! THREE MONTHS This program is designed to help you shine and start living your big dreams, right now! You’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears,… [ Read more ]

Nothin’ But Love

So I have wanted to write about this for a while, for so many reasons. 1. Because I think it's all to easy to let our busy lives carry us away and quickly neglect the attention our relationships need. 2. Who doesn't love saying and hearing why they are adored, especially by their partners? 3. Taking time to connect is vital to our well being. 4. I'm a big, rather HUGE fan of gratitude. I  could go on but instead, I encourage you to read this most recent piece I wrote for Mind Body Green.

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