The Juggle Is Real - Ash Cebulka

The Juggle Is Real

It’s already starting. 

The holidays are creeping up on us and the slightly frantic/exciting energy is in the air. 

Before I go any further I wanna be clear, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!
I’m ridiculously excited about Christmas and it’s not even Halloween yet. 

With that said, I’m wondering if you find yourself getting so far ahead of what needs to be done, when & where you’re going – parties, travels, school functions, work trips/meetings – that you’re already overwhelmed? 

Like, it kinda takes the fun away from the fun – overwhelmed. 

If so, first I get it. It’s hella easy to get caught in the whirlwind but this year I want it to be different for you. Here’s why. 

Because as cheesy mc’cheesy as it may sound, this really is a time of year to slow down, cherish the people and experiencing that are right in front of us and lean in to a strong dose of gratitude on the reg. 

The undeniable challenge is, THERE’S A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENING. Like, real places you need to be and obligations you need to follow through with. So how can you keep your energy HIGH and joyful through the crazy? 

Here’s a simple and I gotta be honest, profound way to show up being who you WANT to be everywhere you go. 

A few weeks back, I sent you practice where I guided you through a visualization of who you want to be (key words) 6 months to a year from now. 

If you haven’t read and/or finished that practiced, I included it below. Once you have that clarity, I want you to think of 3 to 4 words that embody and clearly state who you’re BEING in that vision.  

A few examples could be..
Vibrantly Alive

Whatever the words are that you choose, make sure they’re truly aligned with who you’re becoming. Then I want you to take a look at your daily habits.

Are they supporting you becoming or taking you further away from BEING that person? Be honest with yourself, it’s the only way this works.

Then, write out 2 new habits you can incorporate into your life to BE the person you saw in that vision.

Maybe it’s waking up earlier and having a solid morning routine; so you can feel grounded and present when the kiddo’s wake up. Maybe it’s setting the date and finally quitting your job; so you can launch your dream biz. Perhaps it’s carving out more time for family and friends on the reg; so you can find a sweet spot with the work/life cha-cha.

Whatever it is, commit. Be consistent. Check in with those 3 to 4 words everyday like it’s your job. Continue to align your thoughts, words, habits and actions with them. Our habits are what make up our LIFE. 

Then watch how the overwhelm slips away like magic.

Here’s why, because you recognize – you’re the one in control of how *most* of your day unfolds.

You get to choose…
Your Mindset.
Your Language.
Your Habits.
What you say “yes” and “no” to.
Who you surround yourself with. 
How you respond.
How you take care of your mind, body and spirit. 
How you show up for your kiddo’s, partner, work and friends. 

We’ve gotta be real with ourselves about what’s working and what’s not. We’ve gotta be willing to acknowledge the fact that we’re the one’s creating the outcomes in our life. I know, not always the easiest pill to swallow but it’s also incredibly empowering when we decide to make it a party. 

It’s all about one powerful, badass decision at a time. Becoming who you want to be doesn’t happen by accident. It’s about being deliberate on the daily. Having powerful intention infused into your days and savoring the sweetness of what of your living. 

Now over to you. What 3 words have your come up with? What’s one or even two habits your committing to? I wanna know. 

Lastly, I’ve been cooking up something special for you – that goes even deeper on how to eliminate overwhelm, so you can show up like A BOSS to your LIFE on the reg – I can’t wait to share. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s coming soon. In the meantime, have an epic weekend. 

Forward this to a friend or loved one who could use a dose of love. 

Dancing into the weekend,


INCASE YOU MISSED IT, Here’s the exercise BELOW. 

Carve out 30 minutes to yourself. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. With your eyes closed I want you to envision your ideal day one year from now.

Really take the lid off your imagination and allow yourself to dream. Don’t worry about getting this right or having all the answers, simply allow yourself to dream for the fun of it.

As you envision the life you’ve created for yourself one year from now, notice how you wake up, how you feel when you wake up, look at your surroundings?

How do you like to spend the first hour of your morning?

What do you do next?

Where do you see yourself working?

What kind of passions and skill sets are you using while you work?

What does your work environment look like?

Who are you working with?

What kind of conversations are you having?

How do you feel while you’re working?
What do you see yourself eating for lunch and how do you feel while you’re eating it?

What does your afternoon look like?

Remember this is your ideal day, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Are you diving back into work and if so, where are you working?

Are you on the computer in a coffee shop?

In a office environment?

Having meetings around town?

Working from home?

What projects are you working on and how do you feel while you’re working?
When do you move your body during this day?

What kind of exercise are you doing and notice how you feel while you’re doing it?

When the early evening rolls around, how do you spend your time?

Do you go for a walk?

Hit up a happy hour?

Spend time with your fam & friends?

Then as dinner time approaches, how and where do you spend your evening meal?

Do you eat out at a restaurant or cook at home?

What kind of conversation do you have during your dinner? Notice the food you’re eating and how you feel while you’re eating it.

After dinner, what kind of evening routine do you have?

How do you like to spend those last few hours hours of your day? Do you take a bath? Read? Watch TV? Write?

As you crawl into bed, notice the time. Then as you lay in bed, close your eyes and do a full body scan. Take note of how you feel after living this ideal day.

After you open your eyes. I encourage you to write down what you saw during this ideal day. Then, once you write down all of the details and how you felt; write down the aspirational words that represent how you felt BEING that person. (Ie. Courageous, Present, Confident, Calm, Vibrant, Alive)

Whatever 3 to 4 words represent the person you were being in that vision, are your new words to carry with every day. Check in with them, first thing in the morning, throughout your day and even in the evening. Are you BEING that person.

Are your thoughts, words and actions aligning with that person? If not, what choices could you make to align with being that person and create the changes you’re desiring.

You already have the vision. Now it’s all about creating habits, that allow that visions to come into fruition. We’re never lost, sometimes we just forget to slow down and tap into the vision that’s waiting for us. Once we have it’s all about taking one courageous baby step at a time.

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