The Only Thing That Cures Self Doubt Is…

“The Only thing that cures self doubt is action.”- Mel Robbins

Not always an easy pill to swallow. But you know what?

Sometimes we all need to a little extra push to remember how to get shit done.

Pardon my french, you know I like to swear. (wink, wink.)


You know what you want. You know what you have to do.

The key, is to take action on that knowing.  


That’s what’s going to help you squash self doubt within seconds.

We all get tripped up. Honestly, I get tripped up daily, I get in my own way and can easily get distracted.


Yet, I know that to see my dreams into my reality, it takes more than just visualization. It requires me to get my booty in gear and take action.

Can you relate? I bet you can. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t give into procrastination.


Ahem, my hands raised over here.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women around the globe coaching them one on one and you know what?  They’re no different than my friends, people I admire and they’re not different than you and me.


They have talents, they have incredibly special gifts and when they share them with the world, not only do they feel more themselves; their confidence rises to the surface and they’re willing to take more risks. They get out of their comfort zone and experience more of what they dream on a regular basis.


You know what else? They prove their fears wrong.


But you know what I see all too often? Our minds play tricks on us.

They tell us nonsense that holds us back from what we really want to do, because we’re scared it won’t be as great as we dream.


We’re afraid of failing, afraid of what people may think, afraid it won’t bring in the big bucks, afraid it will take way more work than we’re willing to do, afraid that we don’t have enough time. You’re seeing a theme here, being scared shitless stops us from starting. This crushes confidence.


Yet, here’s what I’ve learned over the years.


All the things I most proud of in my life, didn’t happen from waiting.

The several businesses I’ve created didn’t happen from sitting on my couch dreaming about them. They didn’t come into fruition by talking about them. They came to life, by taking action, daily.


Curing myself of a nearly fatal eating disorder and actually getting to the point in life, where I love who I am; did NOT happen from letting fear get in my way. I moved through fear on a moment to moment basis. I chose to take ACTION on what I knew I had to do, to change my thoughts, behaviors and actions on a daily basis. Heck, minute by minute basis.


Beyonce didn’t create mind blowing, successful albums year after year, by sippin on Cristal dreaming about singing. She took action, daily. No matter what stories her mind was spinning, attempting to her to hold back. She moved past the fear that we all have and created anyway.


What came up of it?  Brilliant art that millions of people appreciate.

Same goes for Richard Branson. Steve Jobs. Charlize Theron. Amy Schumer. Danielle LaPorte. J.K Rawlings. I could go on and on.

Heck Jay Z is famously quoted for saying, “The genius thing we did? We didn’t give up.”


So, today, I’m encouraging you to be your own number one cheerleader. You’re biggest fan. And that idea, that’s swirling around your head. You know the one that you keep saying you’ll get to one day; take one action step today. One step.


Say to yourself, “Please give me clarity about the ONE step I can take today to get this ball rolling.” Listen up and before doubt creeps in, take action.


It could be about anything, whether it’s creating a loving relationship with yourself, looking for a new job, paying off debt, working out.


Take one step in the DIRECTION of that idea, get the momentum going and once you do, you’ll notice something brilliant happen.


You’ll remind yourself of your confidence and that you can do things, even hard things in life and it’s usually never as hard we make it out to be in our minds.


Action, daily, is what helps goals come to life.


You’ve heard it before, getting started is the hardest part.

I’m doing it with you.


I’d love to hear from you, share with me what you take action on and how it goes.


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All love & a dose of action,



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