This Mindset Shift Can Make ALL The Difference

Do you find yourself running on empty or wondering how the heck to make time for yourself while running a business? Oh laaaawwwwd do I get it.

It’s so easy to let taking care of ourselves slip through the cracks and before we know it, we’re burnt out and have no motivation to keep working on the business we love.

Which is why self care is one of my favorite topics to talk about.

It’s a crucial part of staying inspired, focused and having clarity, while running our business and quite frankly, our life.

I’m thrilled to announce, I’ll be talking alllll about self care and how to implement it into your life with my dear friend, Elli Richter on March 9th.

Here’s all the details below.

The life of an entrepreneur is no joke. At times it feels like we’re juggling a dozen hats, while riding a roller coaster, and herding a clowder of cats. Fun, right?!

While owning a business is an amazing & rewarding experience, it’s also challenging to learn how to navigate entrepreneur life with your mind, body, and soul intact.

All too often we put our self-care on the backburner, while we’re focusing on growing our business, leading to burnout and exhaustion. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we have a hard time to taking care of our business…and a downward spiral is born.

So just how can an entrepreneur learn to prioritize self-care and find her own version of balance?

This month we’ll be digging into the topic of SELF-CARE + BALANCE for the entrepreneur, providing you with actionable insights, tools, and tactics to take care of your mind, body, and spirit.

We’ll be joined by two panelists with an incredible wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and self-care. (Check out their bios at the bottom of this invite!)

Ashley Cebulka

Elli Richter, holistic Life Coach


This event will be part “fireside chat” followed by a robust Q&A giving you time to ask the pros for their insights and advice.


Tickets & Info:


Event Details:

Date: Thursday, March 9
Time: 8:30am – 10:00am
Location: Launch Pad Charleston

Cost: $20 / Attendee
Registration Link:


About the Event:

Light refreshments & coffee will be provided starting at 8:30am. Come early so you’ll have a chance to chat & connect with fellow female entrepreneurs.

We’ll gather for the meet-up starting promptly at 9:00am. Women entrepreneurs in all stages of business are encouraged to attend. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, in the early years, or an established boss lady, you are welcome!

I hope to see you there!

All love,

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