Put Your Back Into It!

You know how that song goes, 

“You can do it put your back into it! I can do it put your back into it!” I have no idea why, but that was blaring in my head as I started to type this letter to you.

Have you been feeling the wild, kind of chaotic and exciting energy in the air? There’s something about this fall that feels, different. More intense, in every direction.

When there’s a ton of change in the air, there’s one key word that can make it more easeful and fun.

Drum roll please…..


  1. the quality of bending easily without breaking.
    • the ability to be easily modified.
      “I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule”
    • willingness to change or compromise.

Ahhh, yes more of that please!

SO what’s the opposite of flexibility? Rigidity.

Being rigid is often a result of trying to control. Grasping and swimming upstream. It usually feel tense, points of view are seen as black and white; quite frankly it involves a lot more effort. 

Since, change is scary enough for most; adding flexibility to our days adds way more fun and who doesn’t want more fun?! 

PSA – This Is Not A test.

NOBODY is sitting upstairs grading your ass, based on your performance each day, the only person doing that is you, to you.

SO, if you find yourself doing that, ease up a bit, laugh at yourself when you’re doing something you wish you didn’t. Let yourself off the hook for attempting to be perfect. Life is a helluva a lot more enjoyable when you can crack up at yourself.

I encourage all of us to add flexibility into our days, make room in your calendars to simply relax, yep, I said it.. RELAX. Incase you haven’t reminded yourself of this, you don’t have to say “YES!” to every invitation.

This includes, parties, school gatherings, night’s out, conversations that are draining, workouts you don’t dig, holiday events you want to avoid. Give yourself permission to say “No, thank you.” Free up your time, one of your most valuable resources, to do what you really want to do and enjoy every second of it!

All love and bendy dance moves,


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