You’re Telling Me To Do Whaaaat?

I want to know something.

Are you making pleasure and joy a priority?

Really take a moment and ask yourself this very question.

As adults, we get really caught up in our responsibilities, we think that having fun and certainly pleasure is saved for ‘after hours’ once our endless to do list is crossed off.

Yet, I’ve come to realize the way we’re approaching it is ass backwards if we want to feel truly fulfilled.

If we make pleasure and joy a daily priority, we feel better.

Actually, we feel more ourselves. Which fills our energy tank right up. It helps us stay grounded in what we value and then encourages us to take action from a place of really, knowing ourselves and what’s important to us.

From this place, we have more clarity, a stronger sense of direction, we’re a bit more light hearted AND we actually experience JOY.

When we go after our To DO’s feeling this way, we can enjoy being an adult.

Our perspective has the opportunity to shift from everything (or at least a lot of things) being a drag, to actually be exciting.

This doesn’t take monumental shifts.

It’s a little but mighty act throughout your day that can make all the difference.

Like what?

Take 5 minutes to have dance party in your kitchen to kick start your day.

Really savor your cup of coffee and don’t do ANYTHING else for that 15 minutes.

Take a walk outside with a close friend.

Get your creativity on.

Sing your heart out in the car.

Do anything and everything that helps you feel that natural state of joy inside of you.

You may start to realize it’s not the grandiose experiences that create lasting happiness in life. It’s the ‘small’ rather, simple things, that collectively create a life we truly love living.  

Start simple, build from there and notice the difference along the way. Are you more present, feeling more appreciative, maybe creative, inspired, clear minded? When we pause to appreciate ALL the victories and incredible moments in life, they multiply.

It’s the little things in life, ya know?

All love,

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