- Ash Cebulka


Let’s be real. Doubt uses up a lot of energy.

We can easily get caught up in all the “what ifs” of life which tends to create anxiety about potential future events.

Let’s stop the Future Tripping right now. And start sipping on a new kind of cocktail filled with what we appreciate about our life at present. 
Trust your life as it is right now.

Stay with me. I bet there are many, many things you trust in your life right now. The love for your family, the love for your dog and your friends. Perhaps you trust that you will enjoy your cup of coffee, or that laughter brightens your days. Maybe you trust that life will change daily, new opportunities will arrive, that the money will come, that Subscribe_Yelloweverything happens for a reason.

Settle into your trust, in this moment.


Trust helps you pleasantly land in the present moment and gently encourages you to let go of the spinning mind full of doubt, fear and worry. As you lean into your trust, you create a deeper sense of appreciation for what’s already present in your life. You feel a deeper connection to yourself and your source as you slip into a state of both surrender and allowance. It helps you remember all of the abundance you already have in life and that the universe has your back.

To be short, trust helps you remember how much you already have and that nothing is lacking.

BOTTOMS UP: Write down anything and everything you trust in your life right now.

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