- Ash Cebulka


You are ready to declare it out loud. “No more should bombs!” It’s time to stop making decisions based on guilt, pressure and, well, “shoulds.” You’re ready to start doing what you actually want to do more often and leave the guilt behind.

So let’s do this, shall we?

It’s time to get comfortable saying no to convenience, so you can say a bigger YES to what you really want!

If you don’t want to go that party, dinner, spin class or work engagement, just say no. The world wont crumble, I promise. Perhaps you’re afraid of what they’ll think of you and that you may be judged or left out the next go around.

SubscribeI have news, love. You’re entertaining fears. You can’t control what someone else does or thinks, and those fears don’t help you get any closer to experiencing what you want. So drop the guilt and pick up the Empowered No, which is always followed by a more joy-filled YES!

When you free up space in your life by saying no to things that honestly feel like draining, guilt-ridden obligations, you open up room – literally time and space – to say yes to the opportunities that are exciting and exhilarating. Also known as, creating more of what you want.

I know it can be uncomfortable at first, especially if you have a people-pleasing bone in your body. So, my suggestion is to breathe through it. Realize that the discomfort will pass and as you make these changes, you will appreciate yourself on a whole new level for making your needs and well-being a priority.

BOTTOMS UP: For one week, only say yes to opportunities you actually WANT to do. No should bombs included.

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