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About Ash Cebulka

Ever since I was a little girl,
I’ve been endlessly
curious about people.

I’ve wanted to know what makes their heart race with passion? What do they secretly (or not so secretly struggle with.) How do they thrive, doing what they love? What the heck holds so many people back from going after their dreams?

I’ve had many passions in my life; Fashion, Home Interiors, Music, Cookies & Wellness, to name a few. I’ve discovered knowing my purpose and using my passions as a force for good is what leads to a wildly fulfilling life – that includes an amazing career.

From traveling the world in the fashion & home decor industry, to slinging cookies in my specialty bakery; to now coaching hundreds of women around the globe. I’ve proven that dreams can be your reality, if you’re willing to take the risk, move through the fear and courageously take action.

I know what it’s like to feel weighed down by uncertainty and having no clue how to create what you want.

I  spent years attempting to be successful according to others definition of “success.” 

I was really good at moving a millions miles a minute, striving and then burning out.

It took several turning points to change my life once and for all. The last one happened several years ago. My oldest brother tragically passed away, 8 months later I opened a new business, while still running a family business and a week later I got engaged to the man I’m now proud to call my husband.

It was a wild roller coaster, lots of emotional highs and lows. I called this the “holy moly is the really happening?” stage. It inspired me to dig deep and get honest about what was working and what wasn’t in my life.

Grieving and marriage smacked my priorities into perspective in the wildest of ways. I believe life is happening for me, rather than to me. So, I took my lessons and made some challenging, yet empowering decisions.

I left the company I’d created, dove head first into creating a coaching biz and I haven’t looked back. With hard work, focus and a whole lot of passion, I’ve built a lifestyle and career of my dreams, from the ground up.

I’d studied personal development for over 15 years at the point of starting my business and I’d worked with coaches on and off for 7 years. I applied the tools I’d learned from my mentors, from the coaching course I took and the one’s I’d created on my own, like it was my job.

Over the years that led to curing myself of a decade long (nearly deadly) eating disorder in my adolescence, I was able to overcome self doubt so I could dive into entrepreneurship and  build several businesses I loved. As well as and perhaps most importantly, I created a truly loving relationship with myself.

This is why I love my work. Because I know it’s works. It saved my life and I’ve seen these same tools help hundreds of Women around the globe transform their lives.

These women have been willing to do the work.

It takes Willingness. Vulnerability. Honesty. Forgiveness. A sense of humor. Being Consistent. Trust and taking Daily, ACTION.

I believe all women have a vision of the lives they want to be living. Giving themselves permission to want what they want is the first step in creating it.

My Coaching Business is based on love, a deep trust in our ability to change, being light hearted and passionately being of service.

Whether it’s speaking on stage, coaching one on one or my online products; I want to help you create a life you truly love. While finding that sweet spot of growth without striving.

I have an obsession for helping women, like yourself, remember your passion, purpose and freedom. I want to help you drop self doubt at the door so you can embrace your natural born gifts. Your quirks, your strengths, your style and humor, all of these traits are what make you unique and incredible.

I want to help you gain clarity about the direction you’re taking your LIFE, so you can get moving Mama!!!

I believe that listening to your intuition (aka your super power) and acting on what you hear, is the way to go. Any other option gets super messy (and life’s already messy enough.)

I want to help you listen to and trust that superpower of yours, like it’s your job. Cause’ it is.

At the core of all of the work I do it’s about helping you return to your natural state of Well Being. Where you feel truly connected to who you are, what you need & want and how to tend to all of that goodness while also showing up for others.

In order to build a life your madly in love, including a career that blows your mind; you’ve got to be willing to take risks, even when it’s scary as hell.

I’m here to cheer you on, every step of the way.

This is about getting out of reactionary mode and stepping into Intuitive living.

Where you wake up in the morning knowing, you’re doing what you’re put on this earth to do and touching lives, every step of the way. All while taking precious care of yourself, so you can show up over and over again in a way you’re proud of.

Let’s be real – I’m certainly not perfect and I don’t have all the answers. I have really tough days, I make mistakes, I get a case of the guilts and sometimes doubt my decisions just like everyone else.

I’m simply sharing what works for me and I promise to be open about what I continue to learn on this wild ass ride, called life. I can assure you it will be filled with golden nuggets of wisdom, honest encouragement, sometimes quirky, yet always sincere messages. I’m committed to helping you expand so you can create a truly meaningful, passionate, beautiful life.

Thank you for taking time to read this wild journey of mine. I’m so glad you’re here and I look forward to the ride ahead!

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Wanna Know More About Me?

1. I love the wellness world and I get annoyed with it. I think it can come across as uppity and there’s so many trends that encourage people to fit into a box. I just wanna be me and you be you.

2. I’m obsessed with Peanut butter. I eat it almost every day. My daughter calls it, butta. Which makes my heart melt like, you guessed it (Butta.)

3. A killer conversation with someone who is fully present makes me wanna daaaaance..

4. My husband, our daughter & our puppy Ollie are my home, wherever they are is where I want to be.

5. Having a daily self care routine is my recipe for sanity. As well as my sisters. The power of sisterhood changes lives, it certainly changed mine. I’m forever grateful for the women in my life.

6. I’ve always loved people. I invited museum curators to my house for dinner, when I was 3 years olds. With a strong southern accent I would say, “Child, my Mama makes the best dinner, you should come ovah and let us feed you!” My parents wondered when Pearl Baily snuck into my body. Also, I wasn’t raised in the South. Where’d the accent come from? Who knows.

7. I’m all about grand visions and creating your reality, one choice at a time. I also think it’s important to know when it’s time to pump the breaks, pour yourself a glass of wine and just chill.

8. I grew up in a tiny town on the Coast of Connecticut. Something many people don’t know about me, I figure skated and I took voice lessons till I was 16. No Nancy Kerrigan here, I stopped skating when I had a major growth spurt. I dropped the dream of being a singer like Janis Joplin and traded it for something I’m way more stoked on.

9. I make damn good cookies. People say Sugar cookies are my specialty. Sometimes, I trade my green juice for a cookie (or two, only mine of course- wink, wink) and I have especially good days when I do. Eating cookies is good for the soul. Period.

10. Some of my favorite moments are spent around a table with a damn good meal, some delicious vino, killer tunes and the people I adore.

11.  I believe we all have it in us, to create what we truly, truly want in this world. I think  if we all knew our unique purpose (which changes and evolves as we change and evolve, obviously) the world would be a much safer place. People would be genuinely happy, they’d have their priorities straight, they’d spend time on what they value and well, stop being so frantic and reactionary. They’d spend more time focusing on serving, with love.

I want to help as many people as I can remember that brilliance inside them, it’s waiting to be unleashed. (Get Ready!)

Professional Bio

Ash Cebulka is a Mindset Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

She’s been featured in Mind Body Green, Yoga Journal, The Daily Love, CHARLIE Mag, Boho Daily & Free Cookie’s Podcast.

She helps others have unshakeable belief in themselves as they upgrade their mindset and transform their lifestyle.

She guides her clients to turn their passions into thriving purpose driven careers that make a positive impact in the world.

Ash’s mission is to empower women to become who they were born to be; by embracing their inherent gifts, transforming their self talk and owning their visions for the future.

She encourages everyone to find that sweet spot of growth without striving.

Known for her enthusiasm and powerful coaching skills she’s helped hundreds of women around the globe with her coaching programs, online products and speaking engagements.  Her accessible & light hearted approach guides her clients to trust their intuition, build life changing habits and create a life they truly love.

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