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Permission Slip Granted

I recently shared a story about how I lost my shit, when things weren't going my way. I screamed, demanded, heck I even made threats and guess what happened.Nothing. My daughter was climbing out of her car seat while I was driving. I was scared out of my mind we'd get hit by a car and she'd get seriously hurt. So, I screamed hoping it would 'knock some sense into her.' You know what happened, she laughed. Then she threw a shoe at my head (and hit it.)Which only made me more angry, naturally.Eventually after 20 minutes of this back and forth, she buckled her seat belt and we made it home safely.Then the guilt set in as soon as she fell asleep for her nap, "Why couldn't I keep it together,… [ Read more ]

It Gets Messy Before It Gets Better.

I hope you have a tasty beverage in your hand as you read this.  Around 12:30pm today, I was driving home from a morning beach sesh with my Sweet Siena. As she fell asleep in the car I found myself thinking about how much life has changed since she was born. Before I knew it I was going down the rabbit hole, thinking about how many people I know who are in the middle of massive transformation. You know the kind where you feel like you want to crawl outta your own skin and at the same time you want to dance like Justin Timberlake in the kitchen - but you can't decide which one do first? Yay, that kind.   They're shedding old layers - chock full of should's, people… [ Read more ]

THIS Is The Power Of Sisterhood.

You know that feeling when you read something that rings so true, your body responds with full body chills?That's what happened for me when, I read this yesterday on Taryn Toomey's Instagram, my whole body broke out in chills and my eyes welled up with tears. This powerful message is one I wish everyone would read; especially in times like these. "In the wild, when a mama elephant is giving birth, all the other female elephants in the herd back around her in formation. They close ranks so the delivering mama cannot even be seen in the middle. They stomp and kick up dirt and soil to throw attackers off the scent and basically act like a pack of fierce… [ Read more ]

How I Got Fired From A Pizza Joint And Launched My Coaching Biz

It's a big week over here!   My Free Training - Mama's Got Her Groove Back starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more thrilled. If you haven't already, click this link to join the party  I'm sharing some of my best tools and tips to help you eliminate overwhelm, trust your passions and do the work you were born to do in this world. Today, I have an extra treat for you.  You know those moments when you meet someone and you instantly feel like the Universe is doing a dance party on your behalf? Where half of the conversation is filled with, "Oh my gosh, ME TOO!" The overlap and almost simultaneous life experiences have your jaw on the ground and bring a big ol' smile to your face? Well, that's what happened… [ Read more ]

Are You Showing Up?

You know those people who can make you laugh hysterically and move you to tears in the matter of minutes? The ones that have a way of touching your heart and awakening what truly matters to you. They're a rare breed aren't they? I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Kenney this weekend. While listening to this brilliant, hilarious and utterly inspiring woman speak, I sat in awe. "Holy SHIT, this woman was born to do this." I thought to myself, as she spoke on stage with her thick Boston accent. Karen has been a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles for 23 years. She's Marianne Williamson's 'spiritual' daughter and so much more. She openly shared the story… [ Read more ]

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