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Adam Jaffee

Food Law and Policy Researcher and Writer

Before starting my coaching sessions with Ashley, life felt overwhelming since problems kept arising from every direction.  It seemed like I had to put out one fire at a time, and I could never get ahead or begin moving forward in my life.  These issues obviously produced enormous amounts of anxiety and prevented me from doing the things I needed to do, even on a daily basis.

Since working with Ashley, I feel like I can better steer the direction of my life.  Because I’m focusing my energy on the issues that I’ve prioritized for myself throughout our coaching, I don’t confront as many challenges and, when I do, I am more present and have the tools to deal in the ordinary flow.  The confidence, concentration and conviction that I’ve gained have also reduced my anxiety, and I’m steadily accomplishing my goals and setting new ones.

If someone had asked me six months ago, I would have said that life coaching sounds great but is not for me.  I simply thought that I had all the tools and possessed the capability to succeed in life.  However, my coaching experience with Ashley has demonstrated to me that there are always more tools out there and that anyone can benefit from an external boost, especially when things don’t feel like they’re going your way.  Whether you feel like you’ve fallen into a deep rut or you’re simply looking for a sounding board for various ideas, Ashley will provide a burst of positive, enthusiastic energy and the precise tools to move yourself in the direction you wish to go.

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