Amy Valesquez - Ash Cebulka

Amy Valesquez

My life before Ashley was a bit discombobulated. I had just been thrown a big emotional wrench and felt like I was in need of some guidance and help, both professionally and personally. It felt like life should feel better than what it was feeling at that time. I couldn’t seem to find true happiness within myself, or understand my emotions and what to do with them.

Since starting life coaching, I mean wow, my life has greater purpose now. I have a desire to do more with my life now, with better direction, which is an amazing feeling.

Ashley helped me understand how to feel more connected and stay true to myself, regardless of external factors. She gave me so many tools and exercises I can use in my everyday life to constantly come back to that trust and connection.

I am building better trust with myself and where life is taking me. Ashley helped me understand how to balance my empathic habits and use them in a healthier way. And because of that, I now feel so much more empowered to lead the life I want using the intuition that was in me all along.

Every conversation with Ashley is like a big bear hug. She has an amazing way of making sense of and connecting the dots of people’s emotions and stories. Her enthusiasm and joy is so infectious! It truly does feel like you have a coach rooting for you during a game, that can call a timeout when they see you need a better game plan. Except in this case Ashley was the coach rooting for you to lead an amazing life, giving you tools to take those mini time-outs in life when you needed to reconnect to your purpose. Everything she said always struck the right chord with me. I so appreciated her honesty and compassionate way of making me feel ok with not feeling ok. I would absolutely recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to anyone who simply needs a little clarity and guidance. It will revitalize your zest to live a kick ass life.

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