Becca - Ash Cebulka


My life was abundant: filled to the brim with irritability, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and sadness with no “explainable” reasons. Daily, I continued to run through the rigors of launching new businesses, engaging friends, maintaining familial relationships while attempting to balance a sense of “normalcy” and “self”. Needless to say, my life pre-Ash was filled with completely unrecognizable gifts and blessings.

When I think about what’s changed in my life since working with Ash, what hasn’t changed in my life would be the better question! I am LOVING myself more and more every day. I have respect for my finances. I have paid off debt, and have allowed my passion and genius to drive my career, and the money has followed.

I have become confident trusting my intuition to guide me in my personal relationships. I now have the ability to FEEL my feelings and express them in ways that translate to others with loving kindness. And the list goes on and on.

Life Coaching gives you a moment to breathe. And sometimes, we are just too busy and clouded to see that all we need is to take a beat.

Ashley’s supportive nature holds you tight during the fearful moments when you feel the breath may never come. Her enthusiasm, empathy, and experience guide you to uncover the best, and truest version of who you are and want to be. My life is richer, brighter, and more fulfilled from sharing a year with Ash.

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