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Bethany Bubenzer

Yoga teacher and life enthusiast

When I started working with Ashley my life wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t great. I had settled into a state of emotional and financial purgatory. I felt stuck in a lifestyle routine where neither my soul nor my bank account were being properly nourished. I am a full time yoga instructor (and soon to be life coach, thanks to Ashley!) and at the time I was teaching an average of 18-20 classes a week. I literally had my dream job and still felt exhausted the majority of time. It is natural for me to give 100% to my students, both in and out of the studio. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten how to give the same kind of love and attention to myself. At the end of everyday; I felt depleted and burnt out. I didn’t want to quit teaching but I also knew I could not keep living in that perpetual state of exhaustion and dis-ease. I desired a change and I was willing to work as hard as I needed to create one.

Since working with Ashley, absolutely everything has changed.

The most powerful tool I gained is the innate knowledge of how to pull myself back away from the edge when I start to spin. I have a history of anxiety and an active imagination, which can be a destructive combination. Now, I understand a few easy breaths, a glance at my life purpose statement and everything is easeful again.

Every minute, detail of my day-to-day life has changed. The first step of my tailored program was to personally design a consistent self-care routine. Now, I meditate twice a day, eat most of my meals at home and consistently indulge in facials and lavender bubble baths. The quality time I spent with myself reminded me of all I had to offer and how interesting of a person I am. My buried interests suddenly came back to life fury: fashion, writing, cooking, art, etc. I feel alive and free.

I channeled this abundance of energy and confidence into the beginning stages of business creation with a close friend and fellow yogi. I have cut my classes back in the studio and started to dedicate my time to private clientele where I feel I can offer people the most guidance and support. My website is launching soon and I am about to demo at The South East Yoga Journal Conference. Everything in my life seems to be aligning.

Oh yes, I am also about to move into my dream house on the beach. Life is so wonderful; I can barely keep up with all the beautiful details.

I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who may be feeling a bit “lost” either in their personal or business life.

Ashley is an incredibly special human being with a unique talent for reminding people of the power they have in their own lives. She never once told me what to think or how to feel about any experience, desire or situation. Her method is to empower people to guide themselves deeply into their own intuition. It reminds me of the old proverb, “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.” This woman will feed you for a lifetime.

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