Carole - Ash Cebulka


“Before I started life coaching with Ashley my life seemed like it was in a downward spiral. I had experienced a tragic loss and several life changing events that turned my life upside down. My usual self-confidence had turned into self-doubt and actual fear. I had been the bravest person I knew but life had dealt a big blow and I knew that I needed to take action to get back to who I was and where I wanted to be.

But where to turn? I had read about Ashley’s work a couple of years before and thought how great it would be to do some work like that, but it seemed out of reach. I realized that this was my chance to make a much needed big investment into me. It couldn’t have been a better choice!

Besides the trauma I was suffering, I realized that I had long lost touch with my true self and the things that brought me joy. My hearts desires and dreams had been sitting on a shelf waiting for a ‘better time’ for realization and I had begun to think that they may never materialize. Ashley began our sessions with such compassion and understanding, listening and, like a surgeon exacting a scalpel, started to cut away at layers of baggage and old stories to reveal the only one that matters, my true self. She started with giving me tools right away to do the work within myself and for myself, which, in turn, began to affect all things around me.

All areas of my life began to change, my story began to change. The clarity that I had wanted began to materialize and the contrasts of what I truly wanted and what I didn’t became so clear to me. Through the work that Ashley did with me, we were able to peel back all the layers of hurt, disappointment, and dissatisfaction to reveal a beautiful life and future, filled with joy and clarity. A path that brings the deepest joy and happiness because she has taught me how to walk in acceptance, confidence, loving my life and living it to my fullest potential.

I would recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to anyone who is discouraged about where their life has brought them, who is looking to find true joy in their career or relationships, who wants to find their true callings, and make effectual changes in their life. She has the expertise to get you to a new place when you think there is no hope and if you’ve simply lost your way, she can help you to find clarity and get you back to living a life that brings you true happiness and joy!”

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