Christina - Ash Cebulka


Thank goodness I reached out to Ash! Before we started working together, I was generally content and stable in my life . From the outside looking in, it would seem I had my stuff together. Meanwhile, I was having a constant internal struggle living a life based upon fear, worry and a lack of confidence. I took a look inward to my own obstacles and what may be holding me back from reaching my full potential. I was interested in getting in touch with my true passions. There was a fire inside of me that was bursting to shine through and I needed the right person to bring that out of me. That is where Ash came in.

Before working with Ash, I had a tendency to become anxious and overwhelmed quite easily, always striving towards perfection, but constantly falling short in my own eyes. We dug deep to get rid of the perfectionist mindset and I gained clarity on how to I wanted to feel consistently.

By tapping into how I want to feel, I am now able to make decisions from an intuitive place rather than a reactionary state.

Within just a few weeks, I gained more clarity and direction than I ever thought possible.

I have incorporated a complete self care routine which consists of getting regular massages, infusing daily meditations and spending more time outside in nature. Making time to take better care of myself has improved my confidence, helping me realize that I am a pretty cool chick with many gifts to offer this world. Stripping away my fear and perfectionism one layer at a time, Ash encouraged me to believe anything I want in life is possible and I have the power to create it. It takes baby steps, getting in tune with my core desired feelings, then taking courageous action towards those feelings. Ash has equipped me with the tools I need to live a life of ease and passion.

Ash keeps it real. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, I felt like I was spending time with an old pal. She will make you feel right at home in her company. Ash has a way of evoking true potential. Her approach is open, sincere, genuine and inspiring. She will require you to put in honest and consistent work with her self-love prescriptions, and the rewards are unsurpassed. I recommend working with Ash to anyone who is looking for direction, a feeling of purpose and inspiration in their life.

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