Debi Rogers - Ash Cebulka

Debi Rogers

​Before I started working with Ash, I’d say a felt a bit lost.  I felt desperate for clarity on all fronts, but in particular with regard to my career and my relationships.  I felt confident that I could figure it all out, but had no idea where to begin and was in turn felt very stuck.  I still loved my career in many ways, but I continued to feel a pull for something more.  ​

Now, I can honestly say that I am in the best space of my life.  Everyday I gain more and more clarity, but with that I carry an openness to whatever may unfold.  I no longer see my vision from a narrow and limiting perspective, but instead am open and willing to receive anything that will help me get closer to the way I want to feel all the time.  

I have developed a kinder and more compassionate relationship with myself, which is something that prior to working with Ash, I wasn’t aware of how damaged that relationship had become.  I can honestly say that I love all of myself now, my strengths, my imperfections, the whole package.  To me, this is invaluable and I don’t think there are enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards Ash for helping me to get to this place.  

I am aware that I will forever be a work in progress and I am excited about that.  I feel more positive about my career and the direction it is going.  I also feel excited for the opportunities that will unfold before me.  I realized that I need to spend more time doing the things I am really passionate about, like creating, and I am psyched to re-integrate this into my life.  I have also realized that I really enjoy writing.  All in all, I am incredibly excited about the path I am on right now and can’t wait for my journey to continue.

Before I started working with Ash, I was feeling really confused about my romantic relationships.  I thought I would get some clarity here and figure out what I was doing wrong or determine that I should be with a particular person in my life.  This was not the case—what I got was even better.  I realized that the primary relationship I needed to attend to was the one with myself.  By strengthening that relationship, I became more confident and happy with my life as it was.  I am no longer worried about finding a romantic relationship or the fact that I am getting older or worrying about spending my life alone.  I trust that it will all work out as it should and the bottom line is that I have me and I am good with that. This is huge for me!​

In all honesty, if you are someone who feels like something is missing in your life, whether that be career-related, with regard to relationships, spiritually, health-wise, life coaching with Ash is for you.  If you are in search of clarity and feel like having someone guide you and hold you accountable to your desire for self-improvement, Ash can be instrumental in helping you to figure it all out.

I have been so impressed with her ability to be present with and guide me along my journey.  Her positive energy is radiating and she has a very gentle way of validating, but also knows when to push you.  If you are someone who responds well to this type of contagious energy and who benefits from the balance of validation, empathy, and someone who will challenge you to dig deeper, then you should work with Ash.  She is awesome, and truly a kind and unique soul.

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