Devyn - Ash Cebulka


“Before I met with Ash, I was desperately searching for Happiness. The week before I reached out to Ash on Instagram, I found myself asking everyone; friends, family, coworkers (and frankly, anyone who would listen to me), if they were happy. “Not really” seemed to be a pretty common theme amongst the group.

I wasn’t willing to accept living a life where I was not truly, genuinely and deeply happy so I set out to do everything in my power to change things. Except, and here’s the catch, I had no idea what happiness even meant and I certainly didn’t know who was going to help me get there. What I did know was that I had an incredible family and great friends, but something just wasn’t clicking. I felt lost, and sad more than I would have liked. Anxiety took over my every day and I woke up almost every morning focusing on what I didn’t have.

Having dealt with anxiety for practically me whole life, I spent time in and out of therapy but never felt that I was getting out of it what I desperately needed. Weekly sessions spent rehashing all of my negative thoughts were never going to get me to where I wanted to be. Ultimately I knew, deep down in my heart, that traditional therapy was never going to get me to happy. Enter Ash.

I can state with 100% certainty that EVERYTHING in my life changed after one phone call with Ash. I immediately felt as though I had been given my life back, or at the very least had been given the control back. I had clarity that I never even thought possible and keep in mind, this was after ONE CONVERSATION!

I was so excited to speak again and again and to continue to feel this new feeling of contentment. Ash’s ability to connect the dots and make sense of situations that seemingly made no sense at all is uncanny.

Today I walk around lighter (a theme that came up often during our sessions) and I finally feel genuinely happy. I smile so much more, I practice self care and love myself for who I am.

When life hands me lemons (as it always will), rather than spiraling into a state of panic and anxiety and allowing that feeling to last for weeks on end, I now have the tools necessary to handle this situations with much greater ease. Things that prior to Ash seemed to be monumental problems are now blips in the radar of life.

Because of Ash, I am now open to all of the beautiful possibilities that are out there for me.

I would recommend Life Coaching with Ash to absolutely everyone- And believe me, I do! Ash is an inspiration. Her love of life is nothing short of incredible. Her laughter is infectious, her energy insanely positive and her sincere appreciation for you and her desire to help practically jumps through the phone.

I wish that I could more easily put into words all that Ash has done for me. It’s almost as if it’s magic. And I hope that anyone who finds even a twinge of self-doubt or sadness gets to experience her magic. I am so very grateful for the life that I live and for Ash’s assistance in helping me to get here. She is a complete and total rock star who I cannot thank enough!”

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