Helen S. - Ash Cebulka

Helen S.

Before I met with Ash, I was desperate for my life to head in a certain direction but I had no idea how to make it happen. I felt frustrated, envious of others and generally ‘woe is me’. My mind was muddled and I felt overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to do but not knowing where to start. I carried a lot of anger towards myself for my supposed lack of achievements and blame towards others, my relationships suffering as a result. I thought I was doing the right things by practicing yoga (ego driven), meditating (halfheartedly) and creating vision boards (which I looked at once, whilst I was making it), so why wasn’t life happening for me? I felt very lost.

Everything changed in my life, when I started to meet with Ash. Soon after I started my program, my whole world opened up and opportunities started to flood in. My mood is lighter, I feel genuinely happy, my mind is so much clearer and I can prioritize with ease, achieving everything on my to do lists quickly and efficiently. Life still throws the odd curve ball but rather than spiraling into a whirlpool of self doubt and panic, the skills I learnt from Ash enable me to process the situation differently and it tends to disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Before I met Ash, I was just bumbling along. Six months later, I have written a screenplay, become pregnant, rebooted my voice over career, made specific plans with my husband that we are both working towards, excitedly as a team, had a complete financial overhaul and addressed issues from my adolescence that I had no idea even existed. I can steer negative thought patterns into the positive and I can safely say, hand on heart that I am the most comfortable in my skin, I have ever been. I feel excited every day and genuinely, gratefully happy.

I would recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to absolutely everyone. A shorter program for those who feel they have their life on track because I guarantee it will still catapult you forward, beyond where you thought you could go. A longer program for those who are unsure of where life is heading as coaching with Ash will unlock your true potential and suddenly you will be living life rather than watching it pass you by. Let not different countries be a deterrent as I am London based and our sessions worked perfectly (apart from when the clock change passed me by) as Ash is so accommodating.
Ashley is an inspiration and her unbelievable gusto for life is infectious. Ash is open with her own story and so her knowledge and teachings come from a personal place. She cares deeply, works without any judgement whatsoever and is a total bundle of love.

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